Kolinko is no longer an eagle

Kolinko is no longer an eagleThe contract between Kolinko and the club dissolved, and Alexander received the status of a free agent. Most likely, the 27-year-old goalkeeper of the national team of Latvia will join the Moscow "Spartak". "Crystal Palace" was released Kolinko only once was able to solve the goalie problem. Reached an agreement with Sunderland about renting Norway goalkeeper Thomas muret. And next season, against "the eagles" will return Matt Clark, who missed this season because of a knee injury.Alexander Kolinko held in the "crystal Palace" three seasons, and was considered the best after the departure of Nigel Martin goalkeeper of the club. However, with the arrival of head coach Trevor Francis and appeared in the team of a famous goalkeeper Matt Clark, Alexander had problems that led to premature withdrawal from KP.. Читать полностью -->

Ovchinnikov was trying to jinx Solomatina

Ovchinnikov was trying to jinx SolomatinaThe hero of the match, in all likelihood, for the super Cup of Russia, which met the Moscow "locomotive" and CSKA became the goalkeeper of Russian national team Sergey Ovchinnikov. The first issue of railway workers in a post-match penalty shootout reflected four strokes, and during the meeting repeatedly rescued partners after dangerous combinations at their gates. "The meeting was interesting and the fans enjoyed it," said Ovchinnikov. - I am sure that the match for the Supercup need. It is a good way to increase the popularity of football. "Lokomotiv" we really wanted to win, to get a feel for the right tone before the upcoming important games. Читать полностью -->

The Paraguayan Cardozo brings the team the title of champion and record holder

The Paraguayan Cardozo brings the team the title of champion and record holderThe Paraguayan Jose Cardozo, who plays for Mexican football club "Toluca", set a world record for number of goals scored per season goals. In the final match of the championship Mexico football he scored his fiftieth goal, improving, thus, the achievement of the Bolivian Joaquin Botero, who in the domestic League has become this year the author of 49 goals.And the more valuable efficient shot 32-year-old Paraguayan striker, considering that it brought victory in the championship of the Mexican club Toluca". Losing with a minimum score of team Morelia in the first field the final match, "Toluca" to win in regulation time response of the meeting was necessary to obtain an advantage at least two goals. After a quick goal, the fans, "Toluca" crestfallen. But the hosts managed to gather, and twice hit the gate "Morelia", which, however, did not guarantee them the title of the strongest club of the country in 2002. It was then, at 51 minute of the final game, Jose Cardoso, receiving a pass in the center of the penalty area of the opponent, gentle rolling the ball scored his fiftieth goal for the season, not only setting a world record, but also bringing his team to the title. Читать полностью -->

Moroccan torpedo did not fit

Moroccan torpedo did not fitReleasing young Kozhemyakin and Grigoryan are unable to determine the clubs and again declared a "torpedo". While Moroccan striker, incognito visited the camp of the black and white two days ago, flew back. It is not excluded that the torpedo scared likely to have problems with the acquisition of the player and the inability to determine the true level of his skill in such a short time.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Woodgate debuts in the Newcastle in the match against Chelsea

Woodgate debuts in the Newcastle in the match against ChelseaThe debut of rookie Newcastle's Jonathan Woodgate will take place this Saturday in the match of the next round of the Premier League, in which the magpies will face off against Chelsea. Recall that the 23-year-old England defender was purchased "Newcastle United" "Leeds", was experiencing serious financial problems, for 14.2 million dollars a month ago. All this time a young player has recovered from injury. "Woodgate will take part in tomorrow's game," said head coach Newcastle's Bobby Robson, we should try to stay fresh after the match with Chelsea, because next Wednesday we will have an equally important meeting with important block".. . . Читать полностью -->

Ancelotti: I Want to see fearless Milan!

Ancelotti: I Want to see fearless Milan!About Champions League draw: quarterfinals complex. I'm glad that Italian teams don't have to meet each other, this is the best option for everyone. However, you cannot underestimate Ajax. After a temporary slump, he is again strong. He can count on their young promising players." About the state of the team: "I hope to restore Maldini and Costacurta: Billy just a cold, but for Paolo special importance will be the last training session. However, I think both will be in my possession. Читать полностью -->

Viktor Gusev. Isn't it better to play in the style of Loco, that is reckless and crazy?

Viktor Gusev. Isn't it better to play in the style of Loco, that is reckless and crazy?Now I'm really looking forward to the return match in Cherkizovo. No, not for statistical victory of "Locomotive" in the sum of two meetings. Know the formula of the Champions League and I understand that the minimum away defeat, alas, no better than a crushing defeat - lost to the same three points, and they will never come back.Waiting for next Tuesday and not because of expectations that the Russian frost (here with short sleeves not run!) thermophilic Rivaldo and company will have more complicated than in the greenhouse, by our standards, the terms "San Siro".Waiting for the Moscow match, because I want to see another "locomotive". Even if passed in the end more than in Milan. Yeah don't mind me gorgeous, just gorgeous Ovchinnikov.Whether I was getting used to gazzaevskim 4:2, when we play an opponent, but we play? Or Semin gave reason for hope daring escapades in Istanbul and Madrid? But I want a dashing, almost reckless game. Читать полностью -->

Real intends to offer Salgado a new contract

Real intends to offer Salgado a new contractTheir interest in the services of the defender of real Madrid's Michel Salgado do not hide some of the clubs in the Italian Serie a and in particular Milan. As you know, at the moment, Salgado is in very good shape.President of the "Royal club" Florentino Perez and the club's sporting Director Jorge Valdano said the desire to extend a player's contract. Note that under the current contract player linked with real Madrid until June 2004. As stated by Perez, the club intends to offer him a contract for another 4 years.. . . Читать полностью -->

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