Semin believes disqualification unfair Ovchinnikova

Semin believes disqualification unfair OvchinnikovaThe head coach of the Moscow "Locomotive" Yuri Stmin commented on the disqualification of the main goalkeeper of the team Sergey Ovchinnikov five games of the national championship. He believes that the FTC decision was unfair. First, the meeting was held without the participation of the Ovchinnikova. Secondly, it was not uctt the fact that the coach of "Zenit" Vladimir borovi? ka himself provoked the situation. In addition, according to Semin, no physical impact on the arbitrator Ovchinnikov had, which is clearly seen on the video. "I want to reassure our fans. It is unfair to stand out and the club "the locomotive" only to unite us, said Yuri Pavlovich..

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