Vladimir Aleshin: will attract fans who understand us

Vladimir Aleshin: will attract fans who understand usLast Thursday, the General Director of "Luzhniki" arrived from Geneva, where he made a report at the Committee meeting, UEFA stadiums. But before this event the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "torpedo" has told to the correspondent "SE" about the state of Affairs in the football club, which is headed by.- Speaking about the current season, not to mention the second round of last year's championship, " said Vladimir Aleshin. "Torpedo" has proved that it can compete on equal terms and win team, equipped legionaries and strong, as was believed, of the Russian players. Hence our transfer policy: first of all, we have tried to keep last year's lineup and has signed new contracts with almost all the players, from which they ended. We have provided them with confidence. But preparation has focused mainly on teamwork and tactics.- You never planned mass acquisitions or were dismissed during the offseason?- At first we really wanted to strengthen a number of positions in midfield and attack. But among the proposed us players the coaching staff have not found suitable. Besides, Sergey Petrenko in this question is coming their way. About each of the potential recruits he collected as much information as possible - up to the poll who you and experts in the field. And I learned from them: if your player is not weaker, why take a man? Meanwhile in the transfer market we have already made some drastic steps and know the true value of many Romanians, French, Brazilians, Nigerians... there Are, of course, exceptions. When you read in the press about some of our team and think. But only the season will put everything in its place. We prefer the practice of "Rotor", which raises their players. Many of Volgograd pupils, by the way, today could decorate not only Russian but also European clubs.- And yet the forward line in the "torpedo" can hardly be considered complete.- Time we still have. Is and offers - Polish Federation, for example, recommends that national team player. 't work out - that's OK too: Shirko, Aristarkhov and Lebedenko capable of much. Hope and Victor, which is time to return to the attack. CSKA and "Dynamo" it is not really well used at other positions.- In the media there is information about 3 - 5 million dollars that you are willing to spend on a standing player. Is it true?- To "torpedo" is interested in a serious financial structure. When talking about the money that could be invested in the purchase of a serious player on their part was called exactly this amount. And if such a player appears in our field of vision, it will be purchased.- This structure is only concerned with finances?- She financial, industrial, and raw - all at once. Serious multifaceted business. While early to speak about the terms of possible cooperation. Need time to weigh everything, to get used.- Talking about Sibneft, which, they say, you had talks about investing in "torpedo"?- No, it's not Sibneft, whose representatives we really negotiated. But their conditions did not suit us, and our - their.- I assume you do not agree on the question of who will own a controlling stake?- You are right - this topic was not discussed at all. The fact is that just because the money no one will. In return, you must provide certain services. Ideal - when the volume of investment corresponds to the number and quality of services.- Speaking abstractly, are you ready to surrender control of torpedo other structure in exchange for serious financial investments?- Why not? What's the use to sit on the bag with a controlling stake, if you will suffer the interests of the club and football?! Large companies are more interested in football, and it's great. So, we need to cooperate, to seek such forms of cooperation to this financial capacious sports industry has evolved.- Sergey Petrenko has presented you with a plan of its work for the season or some other time period?- Of course. Petrenko is generally very strong Methodist. On his initiative, significant changes were made to the training process involved specialist fitness training. I specifically was interested in the course of test matches - the second half the team played better than our opponents. It is the result of the work Petrenko and his new assistant.- What kind of task will put the team in the upcoming championship? We adhere to this approach: the guide provides preparation for the season, fees, selection. The team takes on certain obligations. Before the championship meet, discuss whether all of the mutual promises made, and jointly determine the aim for the season. To be more specific, we still count on getting into the Champions League. (Only the champion of Russia will be eligible to participate in the 2nd qualifying round 2004/05. - Approx. E. D.).- What's new in comparison with previous years will be on working with fans?- Fan is the Golden nut, which needs to be monitored and looked after. We thought: if for home games "torpedo" came the 15 to 20 thousand fans, the team would pay off. We will strive to. But not at any price. I want to "torpedo" played for a certain social class of people engaged in the intellectual sphere, medium, small and large businesses, creative professionals. They must see brand torpedolike football is honest, intelligent, smart. Last year discussed the act semshova in the match against "Spartak". Now player I fully support: he went torpedos. When will issue plays beautiful football, then come on in and fan who understands us. And to recruit anyone anyhow and anyhow where to fill at any price will not.

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