Milan - Chievo. Match report

Milan - Chievo. Match reportDespite lasting the whole match siege gate Cristiano Lupatelli, Milan failed to win at home against Chievo, making it difficult to the extreme myself the task of winning the scudetto, while rivals Juventus and inter, though not without difficulty, but their road victories won, scoring their winning balls in 84 minutes. In the starting lineup Rossoneri after injury appeared Andriy Shevchenko, who ranked in the depth of the attack. Andrea Pirlo also went on the field after the influenza virus. In the application Rossoneri was not Rivaldo, Serginho and Ambrosini.Rossoneri started powerfully, and twice at the point of attack is Andriy Shevchenko: first Ukrainian head nearly passes the match at the gate, and then from a far distance sends the ball above the crossbar. Milan had a significant territorial advantage, but from Chievo constantly emanated danger of counterattacks involving Luciano and Ivano Della morte. On the 26th minute free kick crossed in the performance of Andrea Pirlo, and Bierhoff, coming to the aid of his defense, knocks the ball away for a corner. On 34 minutes Lupatelli fingertips away threat from the gate, after hitting his head of the same Andriy Shevchenko. Protection of course, is under constant pressure, Milan has a significant territorial advantage. Especially notable for the Rossoneri Gennaro Gattuso and Clarence Seedorf.Before the first break Fabio Moro intercepts a pass from Shevchenko and Filippo Inzaghi. And then a great shot which struck from outside the penalty area Andrea Pirlo reacts just as good Lupatelli, which was the best tonight in the composition of course.After the break, the Milan attack become more acute and follow with minute cycle one after another. Clarence Seedorf great sweep along the gate, but Filippo Inzaghi on what fraction of a centimeter does not have time to close the transfer. A few minutes later a shot Inzaghi, but the ball hits the net from outside the gate.In the 69th minute of the match on level ground trauerode Kakha Kaladze. He leaves the field limping and instead it goes Martin Laursen. How much is out of the Georgian footballer is not yet known.At the 70th minute of the match Clarence Seedorf still scoring goals, but the referee cancels the goal, fixing the passive offside.In the final minutes of the match took place in the most deadly attack Chievo, but Dida though hardly reacts to the kick Federico Cossato. But that was not all. Truly a football God wore yellow Verona club. First after hitting the ball Seedorf rebound from Verona goalkeeper hits the post and bounces right on Rui Costa. How Lupatelli was able to react to the impact of stress Rui Costa probably will not be able to answer himself..

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