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Yevgeny Giner: Our players are interested in Italy and Spain

Yevgeny Giner: Our players are interested in Italy and SpainBarely leading CSKA, he declared main goal is to create a club of high European level. Yevgeny Giner confidently goes to this task, and the upcoming season will certainly be one of the defining.- We have already made progress in this direction, " says Giner. - There is no doubt that the goal is met. We still have two, maximum three years. CSKA will be considered at a very high level, although in principle this is already happening. About our club know about it speak and write in Europe. Following with interest as we do. I must admit, it's nice.- Curious: is there a demand for an army of players from teams in major European leagues?- Exist. However, Barcelona with real Madrid and Juventus with Manchester United football players of CSKA have not yet asked. But from the strong middle peasants of Italy and Spain proposals have been received. Who exactly was interested in, I will not say: after some discussion with the players, we rejected these options. They themselves say that to begin with I want to win something serious in our club.- What tasks are CSKA this year?- We will try to get into the main draw of the Champions League and will strive to go one step further in the domestic arena. That is, to become Champions of Russia. To achieve this, undoubtedly, will not be easy, although last year we lacked quite a bit.- Pass into the main draw of the Champions League daunting. Indeed, in the third qualifying round because of the relatively low team rating CSKA can get all of the clubs in Spain, Italy, England or Germany...- ...But they, too, can play. Last fall we met in the UEFA Cup with Parma, and only lack of experience prevented us from going Italians. Now such an experience, albeit small, appeared. Our players understood them play against the same people. And there is nothing to be afraid of them. Just gotta come out and show us everything without clogging your head with thoughts about who you oppose.- The most high-profile current Russian transition of the offseason was the transfer of Jiri Jarosik from Sparta Prague in CSKA. Could not tell the details of the transaction?- We are with or have been watching this player. He was interested in us even after matches Sparta with the Moscow "Spartak". By the way, at that moment praguers could sell Jarosik in Italy for a very decent amount, but I didn't want to part with it. And last year there was information about the dire financial state of Sparta. I contacted the President of the club, he arrived in Moscow. A special thank you is to say the known agent Konstantin sarsaniia who helped us in resolving this issue.- How did you manage to win the fight for the Jarosik "Spartak"?- In addition to our offer the player such options were - "Leeds" and "Spartak". Having ascertained all the circumstances, we worked as quickly as possible and ahead of competitors.- It was easy to convince the player to move to Moscow?- This story once again convinced that many foreigners live in a world of stereotypes. Jarosik, it turns out that thought if we had bears walking the streets and mobsters shoot at each corner. Decided to give him a tour around Moscow. Jarosik was a great time, confessing that amazed at how beautiful our capital. And immediately gave his consent to the transfer to CSKA.- The contract amount is indeed, as reported, amounts to 3.7 million euros?- The figures are correct, but in dollars. However, at that time, the difference in rates of Euro and dollar was minimal.- You are satisfied with how the team at the moment?- Quite. We retained last year's core, adding players who can strengthen the game. But last season the team performed standing in front of her goal. Even exceeded, since last season CSKA won the first place, losing to Lokomotiv only in additional meeting. By the way, the so-called gold match, in my opinion, should be done only in one case: if the two teams following the tournament exactly the same indicators. Why more doesn't exist? We want to live in Europe, and to do so, as does Europe, did not wish.- Remembering how active was CSKA in the transfer market in the previous offseason, you can expect something similar this time. But this did not happen. Why?- A year ago, really, everyone was talking about the so-called indiscriminate breeding, which was held by CSKA. Life has shown that our club has simply invited the players that were needed. Of course, if the team was changing, taking a course at rejuvenation? Now here in Spartak and Saturn have a lot of newcomers, but nobody is aware about that, they say, these clubs spend superselection. See why our acquisitions caused great excitement: we had players with names that could have really helped in the decision facing the team tasks. Now the situation is completely different - we have a team, and needed a few players who could strengthen the squad.- Know that you are several times a day, communicate with or. What if not a secret, discuss?- In the first place - everything that concerns the team. The health of the players, the moral climate in the team, the psychological state of the players - maybe someone from their problems, need help. Are talking about tactics. Although, of course, here I compared with Valery Georgievich Amateur (smiles).- How do you feel about the combination or the post of chief coach of the club and national team?- Can Express their opinion as CSKA President: to me this combination does not prevent. Our team has many players of the Russian team, they are still leaving in its location. So not bad, and at this time they are supervised by Gazzayev.- You are pleased with the success of the football schools CSKA?- Most pleasant is the fact that Akinfeev and Samodin already working with the main team. I'm keenly interested in the Affairs of our school - the results of recent matches army teams of all ages are always on my desktop.

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