Players of the Italian national team set to win

Players of the Italian national team set to winWhat do you expect the players 'Mondial Azzurri" from the upcoming qualifying match of Euro 2004 with team Finland? Victory and only victory, which is normal, otherwise everyone, including national coach Giovanni Trapattoni, have Oh how sweet.Best scorer of the championship of Italy and inter's Christian Vieri agree that in case of failure of the trouble was not long in coming: "If we win, it will be a disaster. We can't afford to worry too much about Finns, but rather they should worry about us. The victory we need, not because Trapattoni, and to win points. We have only four, which is very little. We need at least seven points. I am pleased again to play with Totti. It is very important for me and for the whole team to be on the field always come out great players. But in this match it seems to us a Golden opportunity to show a beautiful view," said Vieri.The Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is not very sure about the complete success of his team: "Maybe this will sound crazy, but we can lose," said the goalkeeper.Another mega-star "Mondial Italy's Francesco Totti says the following: "Victory to save Trapattoni? Well, this is somewhat exaggerated. We will go out on the field to win, and that's it. This time we all play, not only Trapattoni. Play with Vieri for me a great honour, because he is my friend and a great player. The last world Cup, the errors of arbitrators, frustration, all that I have tried to forget, to leave behind. As a player, I became a Mature two or three years ago, and as a person over these last few months. Anyway, I will play with the same determination as always. Injuries have not allowed me and Vieri for a long time to play for the national team, now we are together again in a match where we need nothing less than victory. Right that Trapattoni has trusted in this match two of us. It is necessary to score, but for this we need the support of the entire team that will play behind us".The new captain of the Italian national team Fabio Cannavaro also believes that in the upcoming match against Finnish team needs to win: "the Difficulty lies in one thing: we need three points and that will put pressure on us throughout the match. Our "old guard" needs to push in this match, because we need to give a boost in this game," said Cannavaro."Totti and Vieri play a crucial role in this match, I also have to supply them with the ball for goals," said Mauro Camoranesi.Italy defender Christian Banuchi also shared his opinion about the upcoming match: "If we score three goals, I would say that the Finnish team weak team. But I imagine, what would you say if we play a draw. In any case, the criticism can not be avoided.And in the end to team-mates joined midfielder Gianluca Zambrotta: "on Saturday When I listen to this hymn, it will be not as always. I will think about what is happening in the world about the tragedy"..

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