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Petr Bystrov: After meeting with Pfeiffer my heart was calmer

Petr Bystrov: After meeting with Pfeiffer my heart was calmerIn a report about a match "Saturn" against "Dnepr" (3:3) I noticed that looking at the game 24-year-old left tackle of the Moscow club Peter Bystrova, it is impossible to imagine that until recently he could only walk with crutches. Estimates of the technical and tactical data, which regularly leads coaching staff, "Saturn", confirmed: Bystrov played very good in defence and aggressive in attack. After all, two goals and three preceded calculating the wing pass the ex-captain of the youth national team of Russia. When I said this yesterday to his companion, he had me slightly corrected:- In the first case, nevertheless the goalkeeper was wrong - was unable to secure the ball in his hands. But the ball still had to deliver a hotspot for free. What you did afterwards again, dashing towards the flank...- ... I spun, but played as head pots! We simulated a combination.- The championship hasn't started yet, and you seem to reveal one of the secret weapons "Saturn" - now opponents will take Gorshkov in a tight vise.- But apart from him in our team there are other players that pose a real threat to the gate in similar situations, and Muratovic, and Rogachev, and Geder... as for the match with Dnipro, thanks to the coaches for giving to win both halves. Still, in game practice, I now need most. So many miss is not a joke.- And when and how you started your lessons?- Like Titova with Vaschuk with shots on goal and game in mobile "square" in the role of "neutral". And it happened on the previous training camp in Turkey. In principle, could start training before, back in Spain, but didn't want to risk it.- Before you take the field in friendlies, you participated in bilateral training "Saturn". You had a feeling of fear that, God forbid, a repeat of history. - No, I hadn't thought of that. Besides, the guys treated me a gentleman, and secondly, he didn't get involved in the joints.- However, in friendlies opponents you already didn't. Right?- Well, it fees them each proves that deserves a place in the first team. The main thing is to not beat back. But if in the game a little hurt nothing.- So, the instinct of self-preservation doesn't work?- I wouldn't say that. And Dr. Pfeiffer warned that about a year after such injuries athletes remember about them, although in this case much depends on the mental attitude of the person.- You are by nature - a hypochondriac?- If I were such, but now, feeling the pain in his right knee, would have taken a break in training. But I'm heavy on the sidelines in Turkey do not stop practice, but in games feet are not clean.- And, apparently, just feeling comfortable on the left flank as before. By the way, since when you play on it?- Since 97th in Nizhny Novgorod "the Locomotive" his coach Ovchinnikov has determined for me that position. And before that in dublje the hometown team played as a second striker.- Then in the "Dynamo" sometimes you acted as a playmaker. So where do you feel most confident?- If I'm in good shape, it does not matter where located, in the centre or on the wing.- You equally strong and hard hitting with both feet?- No, the left is stronger. So, fortunately, if that's even applicable to my case, cruciate ligament I hurt my right knee.- After two years playing in "Dinamo" you passed in "Saturn". Quickly settled in the Moscow region team?- Yes, I immediately felt in her own. Maybe, because he was familiar with Movsesian, with Pestilence, with Medvedev, Kurayev, by the way, my countryman. However, in "Saturn," I came three weeks before the start of the championship. And in order to adapt to his playing time was needed. It took me to do this 10 to 12 matches. Benefit went and summer camp in Holland. After that I felt fine. And here we have an absurd injury! In training at slippery from the rain the grass in combat went to the foot, and I heard a click. In Moscow, however, did not insist on the operation, and in Leverkusen immediately said that there is no other option.- What you're thinking at that moment?" I was in shock! But Pfeiffer reassured me: "You're still young, you're way ahead, and after surgery will play even better." Since that day I am German doctors under supervision. For example, in early February was at a reception at Pfeiffer in the Moscow hotel "Golden ring". He was pleased with my knee, and my feelings became calmer... 25 October in Moscow will host the presentation of "Saturn"-2003. Imagine that the fans will return to you with a question: "What can we expect from the team in the upcoming season?" What would be your response?- I will say that we will try to get into the UEFA Cup. This can be done by our winning the Cup or going to the winners of the championship of Russia..

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