Romania - Denmark. Match report

Romania - Denmark. Match reportFive goals in Romania allowed the Danes, who during the match twice been in the role of the hole, to move into first place in group 2.The final score does not reflect the real situation on the field. The Romanians had more possession and controlled the game. However, the fantastic goal scored by the guests from 45 metres and an own goal sent the hosts into a knockdown, from which they never managed to recover. The Romanians started the game without intelligence and was soon able to open an account. In the fifth minute, the Danes fouled 25 metres from goal, and Vlad Munteanu curled the ball into the box. Adrian Mutu was quick and all the "dive" sent the ball past Thomas Sorensen.However, on the 9 th minute the visitors managed to win. The goal capped another standard position. Thomas Gravesen filed free kick from the left flag, and the ball found the head Ebbe sand. Bogdan of Lamont tried to eliminate the threat, but could not hold the ball. First bounce of the ball was Dennis Rommedahl, powerful diagonal shot around to finish it through.After that, the hosts had some good attacks, but real chances at the gate sГёrensen and not created. In the remaining time until break time favorable opportunity offers - Jon-Dahl Tomasson went one on one with Lobotom, but hesitated to strike and lost the duel Romanian goalkeeper.Already two minutes after the resumption of play, the Romanians came forward again. Showing excellent technique on the left flank, Mutu left two Danish defenders and played back on the course Munteanu, powerful blow sent the ball into the net. However, this time the Romanians enjoyed a short time.About 53 minutes out of the penalty Lamont ahead of Sanda and knocked the ball far ahead. However, the ball was Thomas Gravesen. The player Everton perfectly took advantage of the situation and threw the ball "the collar" failed to return to the gate of the goalkeeper. Despite this turn of events, the Romanians continued to attack, but Denmark's defence still looked pretty confident. And a good two-minute period in front of goal earned them victory.19 minutes before the final whistle Morten Weighorst made a canopy in the penalty area and Laurent Reghecampf tried to win back the head of the goalkeeper, but the first ball was Tomasson. The Dane scored the fourth goal in the tournament, and his team for the first time in this match took - 3:2. In the next attack guests increased his advantage. Rommedahl left shot by Tomasson, but the striker did not hit the ball. However, the error of the Dane corrected Cosmin contra, from which the ball rebounded into his own net.Unexpectedly, the Romanians were in a very difficult situation. A good time was had Mutu and kick John Ghani lacked accuracy. However, believing in yourself, the Danes continued to counter-attack and managed to score another goal. At the very end of the match sand and Rommedahl played a beautiful combination, and the latter expertly chipping the ball over kociper, put a point in this thrilling match..

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