Vicente Del Bosque: Well, if it says Zidane himself - Yes, it's true

Vicente Del Bosque: Well, if it says Zidane himself - Yes, it's trueRecently the head coach of real Madrid, Vicente Del Bosque had celebrated his 52nd birthday. And has risen in one number with such "old bench" as Miguel muГ±oz and Luis Molowny. Vicente Del Bosque is already three years he established team under the name "real Madrid". Regarding these two events, the coach gave an interview in which he shared his thoughts on this SCT.- Congratulations! Congratulations on your recent Dntm of birth and that has risen in one number with Miguel muГ±oz and Luis Molowny. You third coach in history, which for so long manages the team.- Thank you. Very glad to be on this list. But this is primarily a team effort. If the team is good, and to achieve this result is very simple.- In CTM the reason for such a long winning streak from trth years?- The main thing is the relationship with the players, they need to be fair and to be good to the club.- According to Zidane, you say you don't learn to play football and learn something more.- Well if it says Zidane himself - Yes, it's true. But I don't like about this is often to speak. I try to develop the quality of individual players, and I think that this form of learning Dutt good results. You can use "ttguy hand" in dealing with the players, but the management team does not fit with me.- What pressure is harder to bear: from the club, the players or the press?- No. From the club and, mainly, from the President I don't feel any pressure. But the anxiety of my business, of course, feel. As for the players, the excitement appears behind the form of a player, for the shape of the team as a whole. What nascht press, I also criticize how criticize each coach.- It really hurt you?- Yes, but I benefit from it. It is impossible to be happy with everything, and everyone has the SWOT own opinions, their own views on football, on this or that player. It is in all aspects of our lives, but in football this particularly much. For their part, are not trying to please everyone, because it's impossible.- You are a typical coach of Madrid "real". Calm, correct... Try to keep the style of the club. But I also think that rudeness to apply in any case impossible. Education should always be paramount.- In the last League match against Malaga you were appealing to the referee on the line. Weird... Yeah, and maybe made a mistake.- Angry then?" Oh, of course angry, very. But have tried to be reasonable and not to resort to shouting. The screams did not come to fruition.- When was the last time You cried in the locker room?- Never. I don't think that screams must coexist with the reasoning. Screaming arguments lose their value.- Imagine myself on any other bench, not on the "Santiago Bernabeu"?- This picture is hard to imagine. 'll never leave "real Madrid" and all my coaching experience staying here. But I already said that I want to continue coaching. In another case, I will pack my bags and going to adjust to a different life.- You don't change your soul Madrid, saying that would not be able to coach Barcelona and Atletico Madrid".- I am absolutely obejct. But not because I don't respect these clubs, I have a great respect as the grandees of Spain, but my feelings are such that no, do not see themselves at "Nou camp" or "the Vicente Calderon".- And if you train more modest team? Would work more in terms of tactics?- Depends on the available players. In the "Real world", regardless of the individual qualities of the players, tactical action brought to perfection, which should be in all the teams.- First, the Figo, then Zidane, now Ronaldo. Do not threaten such an abundance zwtzd the tree?- I don't think. At other times, when Madrid was the era of a small number of acquisitions, the same constellation was at Barcelona, however, they, in turn, did not win any titles. In Madrid the special atmosphere, a special winning spirit that has been forming for many ages, and the great players we form the constellation.- And no zvezdy in conflict with each other?- All different, both on the field and beyond. When there is respect for each other, and when each is what it is, there is no problem. Ronaldo's not like Raul, everyone has a role to play here.- What will happen to real Madrid without Raul?- The same thing in other times, when he left Di Stefano or Pirri - Raul leader of a generation of winners. As well as Roberto Carlos, Hierro, Morientes - They won almost the TSA.- And without Hierro?- I hope that this time will be late. Obviously, we need to prepare for the future without Fernando, because it will come, but I hope that this and next year he will be in the team.- You often play the 4-3-3 system with two centers. They do not create a delay from the transition from defence to attack?- No, absolutely not. No lags. Dual center does not mean that the team is more committed to a defensive action. We have two cornerbacks that are something more than just defensive players. So there is a balance. One of our assets - Roberto Carlos, and we should use it.- But you said in an interview with "France Football" that play on the system... No, you can simplify the value of my words. I didn't say play on the system. I wanted to say that the players always have to play "on top of the scheme". Each team must have organizational issues, and players who perform these functions.

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