Anji - Lokomotiv. The analysis of the match

Anji - Lokomotiv. The analysis of the match"Locomotive" for "Anji" ? it's about the same that the "Milan" for railroad workers ? the opponent is from a different football civilization. What they could objectively oppose the Champions of Russia? Only the traditional trump card: not Caucasian disciplined action, tactical proficiency, reliable game in defence.Muscovites put on the match quite "loss in Porto will help with composition, refuting possible talk about the fact that the meeting is one of fundamental importance. As part of the "Anji" was not only recovering from groin surgery rings Budanova, but Tetradze, and Tskhadadze, which for various reasons have not had time to declare the match.The match, to the delight of the local stands, began with the attacks Makhachkala. Champions of Russia the coach's instructions, or did not ozhidav from owners such energy, large forces stepped back. And even in these conditions, the Dagestani players found loopholes in the defense of "Loco". Especially in the "Anji" rookie stood out Lakhiyalov: his goal was cancelled by the referee for 40 minutes, caused the desperate fury of the fans and a dozen snowballs, sent to the address side of an arbitrator.To the surprise of experts, before the break Muscovites were unable to gather. They lost to Makhachkala combat, worse moving across the field, missed mobile opened and conveniently offering himself for a pass anievas, and most importantly ? noticeably inferior to them in spirit.The episode that determined the fate of the game happened in the 72nd minute. It all started with the fact that Lakhiyalov at the rate entered in the penalty area, beautiful feints left Sennikova and, in the opinion of the overwhelming majority of the people, was shot down. However, the referee awarded a penalty not given, and flushed Makhachkala tried to calm things down by showing a yellow card Babich for talking.The hosts covered by the "righteous anger" and supported by the roar of the crowds, turned on a fantastic speed, effectively locking of railwaymen in their own half. Even Loskov and Cesar went to support the defenders. However, in the last minute substitute Danny found a accurate pass in the penalty ubiquitous Lahiyalova. New favorite Dagestan torcida instantly freed from the defender and, going one on one with Zakharchuk, expertly knocked the ball past him into the right corner ? 1:0. In the atmosphere of this storm of jubilation stands the referee added to the main time another two minutes, but demoralized Champions are unable even to approach the gate "Anzhi".Direct recury SEMIN, the head coach of Lokomotiv:? Frankly: Anji looked better on the game and won a legitimate victory. We had obvious problems with attitude and volume movements on the field. The mistake was the decision to field Lekhetho, clearly exhausted after an illness. What can you say about the Lakhiyalov? Yes, we wanted to buy this player, but he Dagestani, was born here and let him play to the delight of the local audience. Moreover, after this match you and will not let you go anywhere (laughs).Gadzhi GADZHIEV, the head coach "Anzhi":? Today we looked more convincing. At the same time, objectively, I must say, this is not the most violent game of "Locomotive". Say, against Milan in the previous game he looked better.Statisticians (Makhachkala) ? Lokomotiv (Moscow) ? 1:0 (0:0).Goal: Lakhiyalov (Alves), 90.Anji: Armishaw ? 6,5, Gordeev (K) ? 6,5, stojković ? 6,5, Babich ? 6,0, Mzhavanadze ? 6,5, Saveliev ? 6,0, Lifebalance ? 6,5, Agalarov ? 7,0, Nikulin ? 6,5 (Alves, 80 ? 6,5), Villers ? 7,0, Lakhiyalov ? 7,5.Locomotive: Zakharchuk ? 5,5, Nizhegorodov ? 5,5, Lekhetho ? 5,0, Ignashevich ? 5,5, Sirhaev ? 5,0 (Pimenov, 46 ? 5,5), Izmailov ? 5,5 (Drozdov, 46 ? 5,5), Maminov ? 5,0, Loskov (K) ? 5,0, Cesar ? 5,0, Evseev ? 5,5, Sennikov ? 4,5.Player of the match: Shamil Lakhiyalov (Anji).Punishment: Cesar, 25 ? rough game, Izmailov, 27 ? rough game, Lekhetho, 33 ? rough game, Villers, 41 ? rough game, Saveliev, 69 ? rough game, Babich, 72 ? unsportsmanlike conduct ? warning.Referees: N. Ivanov, V. Lebedev, N. Golubev (all ? St. Petersburg).Inspector: B. Ryabko (Krasnodar).2 March. Makhachkala. National stadium "Dynamo". 14000 spectators. The price of tickets ? 50 rubles. Sunny. 2 degrees. Play time: 93.20 (1-St half: 46.10, 2-1 time: 47.10).Shots on goal: 10-6, of them on target: 6-2, out of the box: 5-3, from outside the box: 5-3, rod: 1-0, beam: 0-0, corner: 8-2, offsides: 3-3, fouls: 19-27.90 minutes 5th. Rookie Anji LAKHIYALOV into the penalty box and gives the accurate transmission AGALAROV. Dangerous shot last time to cover Nizhegorodov.27. NIKULIN after a corner hits the post.40-I. Match referee cancels the goal LAHIYALOVA, fixing the offside.57-I. Cesar gives accurate Loskov who scraped up. The captain of the Team has, while in 16 meters from the gate is wide.90-I. Substitute YANBAEV accurate pass finds in the box "Locomotive" LAHIYALOVA, he goes one on one with Zakharchuk and definitely hits the right corner of the goal ? 1:0..

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