Rumors about the resignation Fernandez taking a real form

Rumors about the resignation Fernandez taking a real formIt seems that the relationship between the President of PSG Laurent Perper and major capital team coach Luis Fernandez has finally deteriorated. Already since December, when the crisis began in the team, the relationship between them became worse and worse. And now these two men don't even talk. Recently Parisians speak very badly, which naturally can not fail to displease both fans and the President of PSG. As a consequence, there was speculation about the imminent resignation of Luis Fernandez. And, apparently, this can happen in the month of June, when the contract expires at the trainer Parisians. The capital management team is actively searching for a new coach. The name of Gerard Houllier, the current Manager of the English "Liverpool", called as one of the possible candidates.Liverpool, as you know, perform poorly this season, and quite possibly after the season guide of the English team wish to part with his coach. Another candidate may be the Jean Tegan, whose case clearly went wrong at Fulham. As for Luis Fernandez, he is well aware that his future at PSG will largely depend on how the team would play in the French Cup and in the upcoming March 9, match of the next round of the championship of France with Olympique Marseille..

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