Liverpool - Everton. Details

Liverpool - Everton. DetailsLIVERPOOL - EVERTON - 0:044 025."Liverpool: Kirkland, Carragher, Hyypia, Ancho, Traore (Heskey, 52), Murphy, Gerrard, Riise, Diao (Е micer, 52), Owen, Baros."Everton" (Liverpool): Wright, Hibbert (Watson, 60), Stubbs, Weir, Pistone, Karsli, Naismith, Gravesen, Pembridge, Radzinski (Rooney 55), Campbell.On the day Liverpool Derby port city lives and breathes football only. According to statistics, during the match of Liverpool against Everton in the streets is 450 times less cars than in peak hours. And this Sunday, everything was as usual - the inhabitants of Liverpool once again dressed in red and blue. Unusual in 167th Liverpool Derby was only then that the favorite in the match was Everton.From the first minutes it became clear that Gerard Houllier failed to solve the problems that his team's last six League games, suffering five defeats. Trashed all at the beginning of the season Liverpool lost the team game, and it is a disease, but not a temporary phenomenon. Litmus test can be considered Michael Owen, who in the past month hardly be seen on the field. No changes in the composition of the Hive does not help - the team simply forgotten how to win.However, there is a ray of hope. This Is Steven Gerrard. The midfielder, from where the coach made a scapegoat after being eliminated from the Champions League, scored finally form. As match of the League Cup with Aston Villa, Gerrard was the best in his team. But without Dietmar Hamann, through whom built the entire game with Liverpool, Gerrard failed to turn the tide of the match.Guests throughout the game, tried not to give in to the owners. In each sector there was a fierce fight for the ball, which often prevailed players, "Everton". Especially good were the right Irish national team midfielder Lee karsli, 90 minutes pressingbuy their opponent on the flank, and the defender Alan Stubbs that in the absence of the suspended Joseph Yobo confidently covered the Central area, not allowing a single scoring chance neither Baros or Owen. The main threat to the visitors goal came only after long shots, but goalkeeper Richard Wright, who in England is increasingly seen as the heir to the Seaman in goal for the national team, without any problems coped with punches Riise and Gerrard.After the first half, both coaches realized that I need to make adjustments to the composition. When you resume the game with an interval of three minutes on the pitch Emile Heskey and Wayne Rooney. They had the best chances to score but Heskey struck his head past the gate and shot 17-year-old Rooney, who David Moyes does not produce in the starting lineup for fear of infecting his "star" disease, came into the bar. Other dangerous moments in the match was not - Hyypia and Stabs flawlessly directed defensive orders. Everyone was waiting for the duel Owen Rooney, but the match ended in a goalless draw, although the game forwards it is hard to imagine who among them held a star - Rooney was much more active.A few minutes before the end of the match, the audience started to whistle in such an essential match, they had the right to demand from "Liverpool" more meaningful games. While the question of the resignation of Gerard Houllier, but it seems that in this season of "Anfield road" will not wait in gold. In order to beat the champion in a dispute with Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, you should be able to home matches to defeat teams such as Everton, in which internal dispute proved that in the case ahead of fellow with two points and four scored goals in their last seven games Liverpool could not be higher than sworn enemies..

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