Winston parks: Mr. Semin for me like a father

Winston parks: Mr. Semin for me like a fatherCosta Rican footballer of "Locomotive" Winston parks knows Italian football, as played in local clubs Udinese and Ascoli". So the first question suggests itself:- that can count the champion of Russia in a match with "Milan"?- We got a very strong opponent. "Milan" is a team of the world, where only the best of the best. But in the "Locomotive" too many good players. The main thing - to believe in themselves and fight to the end. Managed same "the locomotive" played draw with "real" in his field! So why not do the same in San Siro?- Are you ready to help the team?- The best form I have not gained. Though with each match feel more confident. Gradually, I think, find a common language with other strikers, so if February 19, Mr. coach will trust me a place on the field, try not to let their partners.- Except for the Commonwealth Cup, for the main part of the Team until you have scored only one goal. Does it bother you?- I, unfortunately, still not much luck. In a match with "Castelnuovo" I had three one-on-one with the Keeper, of whom only managed one. It seems to be doing everything right, but the ball into the goal.- But in a bilateral match you used your only chance and saved the team from defeat.- My achievement in that goal was small - the ball successfully went on foot. Thanks to my partner (Asatiani. - Approx. "SE") for the excellent transfer. He was much harder than me. In the "Locomotive" find new friends?- Basically, until we communicate with Julio Cesar and two South Africans - Lekhetho and Mnguni. With other players I talk to is difficult because of ignorance of the Russian language.- How are things progressing with his study?- Some progress there. If you remember, in the last interview "SE" I said while he mastered only the most simple words: "Yes", "good morning", "thank you." And now can boast of something more complicated.Parkes frowned and after a few seconds the syllables pronounced: Ka-TA-con-FA".- As you can see, I don't waste time.- How do you turn teammates by name or by last name?- And so and so. And sometimes they look at me and say some strange word "Kampamba". What it means, I don't know.- That's the name of one of the legions of "Rostselmash". Apparently, he like you? - Well, I'm never offensive. Worldwide there are nicknames. So I do not know.- How often do you talk with the head coach?- This is not necessary. Me in the "Locomotive" are satisfied, starting from Genesis and ending with the training process. Believe me, it is not the duty of a compliment. I have something to compare. Say, Udinese Calcio and Ascoli" didn't feel as comfortable as in "the Locomotive".- Semin - emotional coach, maybe even rashly to yell at the players. Not afraid to get him under the hot hand?- What are you talking about? I two weeks have not heard from him a single sharp word in his address. On the contrary, Mr. Semin seemed very soft, sincere man. I will say even more: for me he is like a father figure.- How do you spend your free time on the collection?- Learn Russian words. And when you get tired, sit down and play "Play Station". This is a good remedy for emotional discharge.- You said that if you sign a contract with Lokomotiv, then immediately relocate to Moscow with his wife and a dog named Snowball.- While I live at the base, it makes no sense. But as soon as the club will give me an apartment, they will be next to me. I miss everybody a lot.Yuri BUTNEW, George KUDINOV.

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