Yuri Semin: Loco knows her worth

Yuri Semin: Loco knows her worthThe situation in the table "C" panel is now virtually identical to the one in which "the locomotive" and his rivals after the same four rounds of the first stage of the Champions League 02/03.Need to compensate for the lack forwarded about the chances of railwaymen go further experts if you did, then only in the context of football theory. However, red and green were able to materialize the desired option in practice. To perform the second miracle in one of the European Champions Russia would be incredibly difficult, especially if to take into account the extremely high ratings of their current competitors. However, the head coach "the Locomotive" Yury Semin now prefer to talk about football, the magic and the real capabilities of his team.? In his last match, Lokomotiv managed to reverse the course of the game, which was first developed in favour of CSKA. The team was able to overcome the burden of defeats from "Milan" and "Anji"?? In the first half the army really had some advantage at the expense of aggressiveness and assertiveness in the game. But I cannot agree with the opinion that we are clearly inferior opponents. Hard game our team will not be intimidated. In the "Locomotive" are enough players, always ready to compete in the martial arts. And in the second half of the match for the super Cup, our players showed character by changing the situation on the field in their favor. Well, in a series of penalty kicks is largely determined by the skill of the goalkeepers and psychological stability of players. And in the end we pulled out a victory.? And if you still lost the super bowl to the team of Valery Gazzaev, would greatly upset?? Any defeat is always distressing. However, I must say that the failures at the start of the season did not make us to fall into despair. We know his worth, and I personally think that is below its level of "locomotive" in the match with "Milan" did not drop. But in Makhachkala we played not so well as we would like. I think the weariness of our players after a serious of meetings with the Italians.? The author of the goal of "Locomotive" in the main time of the match for the super Cup became Ruslan Pimenov. What he lacks to play consistently and confidently and in the Champions League?? Pimenov is a young player, so he has plenty of pride. He really wanted to prove himself in the match with CSKA, which brought the result. The same stability that we hope will come with experience. Unless, of course, the player will have to work seriously in training. Actually, before the match against Borussia, we have an obvious shortage of strikers, which needs to be compensated, various injuries have parks, Cesar, Buznikin, Obiora. The first two, however, have a very real chance to take the field.? In "the Locomotive" there is another striker Sergei Ovchinnikov, Jr. He can play against the Germans?? We included him in the squad for the trip to Dortmund. And coming out on the field, decide on the match day.The future belongs to universals? In recent matches Sergei Ignashevich out alternately at different positions in the Central axis - in defence, in place of holding midfielder. What do you see his role more promising?? Ignashevich so good that equally able to confidently play at different positions. He is a genuine all-rounder, for such players future. Against CSKA he played in place of defensive midfielder to withstand the powerful players of the middle line of the army. And where will act Ignashevich against Borussia depends on what condition will approach the game some of our players, who only recently recovered from injury and disease.? But two players from the starting lineup will not be certain - Loskov who scraped up and Nizhegorodov will miss the match because of two warnings. As far as the team is able to compensate for their absence?? Finally back in operation Marat Izmailov. He, of course, still need to adapt to the team. But now he is able to take the game over, the confidence to control the ball. In the last meeting for the super Cup, he came on as a substitute, and Pimenov, and they interacted well together. I hope that in the meeting with the Germans, even in the absence Loskov our middle line, which would play Izmailov, you will be able to compete with their opponents. Well, in defense we have an even bigger choice of players. Think of the problems in determining the composition here does not arise.? In preparation for the game against Borussia Dortmund, you think about the possible outcome of the match real Madrid and Milan?? Of course, it is interesting to me. But tournament calculations we are now engaged is not worth it. Need to rely primarily on themselves. Then we can show the football, which do not have to blush. And in the table then we will see.Michael Shpenkov.

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