Gazzaev will be happy minimal victory over the Albanians

Gazzaev will be happy minimal victory over the AlbaniansThe coach of Russian national team Valery Gazzayev has declared that in the match against Albanians will suit him the win. He also noted that all three of the goalkeeper in the first part of the collection in Ancona have a chance to speak at Saturday's meeting.- The conditions in which is now our team is in Italy, I regard as very good - starts talking Gazzaev. "It is particularly pleasing that the weather in Ancona, we clearly favors. As for the relationship of players to the cause, then it is not discussed: it is clear that at the level of national teams to work at low pressure.- What is the opinion about the two newcomers team - Tochilin and Hemp?- From the first minutes of practice I have noted their diligence. A call to the team these players are not random in nature, and I am sure that I can count on them in the future.- Pleasantly surprised by the friendly atmosphere prevailing now in the team When the players are in their teams, the natural rivalry and even mutual sports rage: still, each defending the colors of their club. In the national team the main thing - the honor of the flag, the honor of Russian football, the honor of our country. At the first meeting with the players, I was able to convey to them your logic. Now there is a professional and Patriotic attitude of the staff. Because the team spends in the season of not more than ten matches, and usually five or six, and in these games the whole world is judging her class.- What is the value of a pre-match gathering in Ancona?- Unfortunately, due to its small term, we cannot give due attention to physical training. So the two most important aspects of gathering - tactics and emotional. As for the "physics", now comes the fine-tuning of players up to the same level of readiness: someone hasn't entered the season, while others experience fatigue due to take place in early spring official matches.- Your opinion about Albania.- In their first match in Volgograd, this is a very good team. In addition, Albanians noticed that they strongly hold home meetings - no wonder the Swiss are on their field only settled for a draw, and then a fair amount of luck.- Meanwhile the Russian team in this cycle have not scored more than four goals per game-- I shall be quite satisfied if we win and with a difference of one goal. First, we will play their first away match, which will inevitably lead to changes in tactics, albeit small. Secondly, we must not forget that the Albanian team recently changed coach, and a meeting with our team they open the new stadium. All this will further spur the opponent.- Draw in the match with Albanians - result acceptable?- Because the main thing in the qualifying tournament to reach the championship, perhaps this would be enough of a draw with Albania. However, about a particular result, we now do not think it is necessary to consider the upcoming fight in the context of the entire cycle.- You have twin brothers Berezutsky. You can easily distinguish Basil from Alexey and Vice versa?- In the beginning, when I met them last year, I must admit, I found it very difficult to distinguish between them. Then liked to, still coaching the eyes, fatherly. And then on the field it's much easier to make: one - sixth number, the second twenty-fourth (laughs). However, at a recent meeting with CSKA fans once again, I got them mixed up.- The team are three absolutely equal goalkeeper or do you see the difference in quality?- I think that the main positive point in our goalie line is that it shows age continuity. The most experienced - Ovchinnikov, whose level is no doubt. Middle - Chizhov, who, speaking in recent years for Saturn, has established itself as an exceptionally reliable goalkeeper. Finally, there is a very young and talented]. I think the current state of Affairs in the goalkeeper's line is optimal. About the class goalkeepers, by the way, evidenced by the fact that at the moment I have not decided which of them will take place in goal in Saturday's match.Roman Lanovenko.

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