Leading clubs require to streamline their relationships with teams

Leading clubs require to streamline their relationships with teamsThe largest football clubs are ready for decisive action to keep their stars from participation in games for the national teams. So, the Executive Director of Arsenal, David Dein said that if in the near future the relationship between clubs and national teams will not be revised, it can have very serious consequences. Dane believes that the capped players should not prejudice the interests of the club. Moreover, in his opinion, clubs should receive monetary compensation for calls to his players in teams. Dane also said that last year a number of clubs - English "Arsenal", "Leeds", "Manchester United" and "Chelsea", the Spanish "real", the German "Bavaria", the Italian "Juventus" and "rum" and "Parma" and the French "Marseilles" - have already raised this issue before FIFA.Here are some quotes from his statement: "We pay the players. Therefore, they must work primarily on us - We are not against challenges to the team, but under reasonable circumstances - I think if for the next 12 months, the situation will not change, clubs will shrink your muscles and will declare that they are no longer going to let the players - I believe that the national Association should participate in the payment of salaries to the players, which they cause. If they don't have the money for it, let them fork out those who have them - FIFA and UEFA."".

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