Herman Tkachenko: Fifth Samara have not satisfied

Herman Tkachenko: Fifth Samara have not satisfiedThe President of "Krylia Sovetov" Herman Tkachenko believes that in the new season at his club have every chance to step on the tournament ladder to one or several of the steps above.- Change for the year financial position of the club?- Did not change significantly. A little more expenditure, but I hope to tighten and income. The club budget is now about $ 12 million. This is enough to solve serious problems in the championship.- What made last winter to strengthen the material-technical base of the club?- Reconstruction of the administrative building at the team's base in Samara in may be completely ready and recreation complex. In addition, at the end of last year, the provincial government made the final decision to build a new stadium for the "Wings of the Soviets".- What task puts the club before the team for the upcoming season?- Formally, it will be announced after March 10, when the team returns from training camp in Hungary. Tentatively I can say that we will try to win the Russian Cup and to play in the national championship is much more successful than last year. If you fail to win the Cup, again we will participate in the Intertoto Cup. Can't understand functionaries of the RFU, who, instead of helping us are doing everything possible to prevent it. So on the day of application they received Soviet-style and a quarter to six just left work. We informed the RFU and the leadership of the Premier League on about the desire to play in this tournament, and then had to send the corresponding telegram directly to UEFA. Unfortunately, once again, in the absence of Vyacheslav Koloskova no one in the RFU did not take responsibility for such a decision.- Are you satisfied with selection work in the offseason?- Yes. We've got a real reinforcements, signing contracts with Souza and Chickeny, as well as with talented young players - Vanushiny, Rasoulian, Nemov, Kudryashova, Leilana. The acquisition of a powerful Costa Rican defender Wright is due to the fact that the Brazilian from Santos Alex, part of the rights to which belong to our club, expressed a desire to spend this season at home, as he is the main player of the Olympic team of the country (according to the "SE" to Alex is also interested Lazio. - Approx. V. K.). In the future we will definitely look forward to this very gifted defender.- Care Ragimova - whose initiative?- Radimov, his agent and "Zenith".- How big is your trust the head coach?- He is absolute. Alexander F. complies with all provisions of the contract, which ends in the end of this year, and I see no reason to change something in our professional relationship. Treat a Problem with great respect and consider him one of the leading specialists in Russia. Besides that he is a true professional and we are like-minded in your views on the game, it is very important that he learns and strives for self-improvement in the team. Believe me, this is a very valuable asset! Hope, Alexander Fedorovich also like to work in Samara and that it has a lot to teach those players, whom we now take in the future.- In the "Wings" are now a lot of foreign players. What is your attitude to foreigners in the team and in the Russian football in General?- I have already said and will repeat again that we are not supporters to look into the passport footballer and convicted primarily on his professional and human qualities. I am convinced that this opinion is shared by the vast majority of our fans. In my opinion, severe restrictions on foreigners who intend to enter the Premier League, should not apply to foreign players from countries of the former USSR and those who began to play for any national team. The absence of such players as Lekhetho, Muratovic, Koroman, Poshkus, Jarosik and Souza, will not benefit the Russian championship. The team has a number of foreigners is now about a third of the total, and I think this is normal. At the same time, we must constantly look for money for their investment in children's football and education of young players in their region.- Nemov, Kudryashov and Vanyushin taken in the future or in order to really help the team this season?- For the future. But their playing level allows the coaching staff to rely on them in the next matches. Are we even trying to make about 22 players thought of themselves as players. To do this, and now developed a special incentive scheme. Every player must be ready for any game at 100 percent, the more that we participate in the championship and in the Cup of Russia, and in Europe.- Are you worried that the first and conditional second-team often play in training camp on equal terms?- No, I'm just glad this. The sharper will be the competition for a place in the starting lineup, the stronger the team.Vladimir KONSTANTINOV.

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