Compliments Titova Moroccan goalkeeper has earned

Compliments Titova Moroccan goalkeeper has earnedRoseandelie Beginrecording 1 January 1978 in the Moroccan city of Fairy.I have played in the MAC (the Fairy), which now occupies the 4th place in the championship Morocco. For the national team played 6 matches. Was in the application of the Moroccan team at the 2000 Olympics in Australia and on the African Cup-2002.Considering the peak the goalkeeping situation prevailing in "Spartacus" at the finish of the offseason, by the assistance of Allah and his slaves, probably, not the trail. But seriously, we can say that the first recognition in Russia to Abdelilah Bugs already come. The captain "Spartaka" Egor Titov, for example, believes that the North African - the strongest goalkeeper of all who have visited for the last time in the club on the bride. Seems like the Bugs and the coaches, so, most likely, he will occupy at the start of the upcoming season of the number one position at the gate nine-time Champions of Russia.This brown skinned and skinny Moroccan indeed a godly man. While he didn't really know any word in Russian to compensate for the gap by the desire to win the conversation. While we talked with the person I went smile. "Spartak" - your first attempt to find themselves outside the country?- No. I already went to the bride in the European team. Visited the training camp in Spanish "Mallorca", the Belgian "Genk", Romanian "Steaua". But to sign a contract with any of these clubs I failed. At the last moment broke, and I was back home.- And where did you play in Morocco?- The club MAC. He is based in the city Fairy, the third - largest in Morocco. There grew up, where my family lives - parents, brothers, sisters. In MAC I have spent my entire career. Came to him as a boy, and for 25 years was able, apparently, to grow into a good player, I invite commands such as "Spartacus".- In Morocco national team call you?- The last few years - constantly. Held throughout the qualifiers to the last African Cup, travelled with the national team to the final of this tournament in Mali. Alas, there we have acted badly. Hate to recollect.- Morocco has long been a Russian coach Yuri Sebastianello. Do you know this person?- Yes. Mr. Yuri respect in my country.- He has compiled about you in "Spartak"?- No. This is the work of my agents. They've been looking for me a job abroad. And seems to have found.- Usually the players from your country are going to France, sometimes Spain or Italy. Russia - the unexpected choice... I will add that Moroccans love Holland. There is quite a large community of immigrants from my country. But I didn't choose. I was invited to come to Russia, I agreed. "Spartacus" is a great club, he's known all over the world, and it's an honor to play in such a team.- The frost, snow, dirt in the penalty area - are you ready for the famous Russian difficulties?- Don't see the problem.- You know something about Moscow, its size?- A little. I know that Moscow is a big and beautiful city. You are all great - and the country and the capital. I think I'm lucky.- You know that in Russia the second year of your plays compatriot, Abdelkrim Muslin? You even have the chance to meet him on the field in the match with "ruby".- Oh, it's great! I knew that Moroccans came to Russia, but did not expect to meet a compatriot here.- You know what took place last year "Spartak"?- Not the first, that's for sure. This I have already said. I came to Russia to help my new team to become a champion.Here Bugs clenched his fist and said in a creepy Russian spell any red-white fan: Spartak - champion". Translator Moscow club George Chavdar who helped the correspondent "SE" to communicate with the player, smiled approvingly and clapped Bugs on the shoulder.- Russian is very difficult language. You're ready, that at first you will be very difficult to lead the team in the game, to communicate with them outside of the field?- Yes. But I will cope with these problems.- Are you a believer?- Yes. Trying to follow all the injunctions of the Qur'an, the commandments of Allah?- Like any devout Muslim.- But it is not difficult to combine football with religious commandments?- Difficult. Sometimes football takes them in conflict.- And how to be?- I'm a professional. It is important to remember. Therefore, I strive to reconcile the game and of Allah.- Possible?- I'm trying. And to judge only God.- In other words, you are trying to make your faith does not interfere with the football? Without this, it would be impossible to play well and get invited in "Spartak".- Were your idols growing up?- Maradona. This, in my opinion, the most brilliant footballer in recent years. Among goalies I love the game, Schmeichel.- Do you have a dream?- Big dreams not. There is a desire to stay at Spartak and help the team.Andrey AFINOGENOV.

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