The UEFA Cup. Lazio - Wisla. Cinderella from Krakow

The UEFA Cup. Lazio - Wisla. Cinderella from KrakowKrakow Wisla is one of Poland's oldest clubs. This season the team with 97 years of history made it to the 1/8 finals of the UEFA Cup for the first time in its existence.On Thursday in the UEFA Cup, the championship leader and winner of the Cup of Poland will play in Rome with local Lazio. It can be assumed that the Polish team will be happy to add a "scalp" the next superclub in the collection is "Parma" and "Schalke 04". According to the President of the Krakow club Bogdan Basala, in the 1/4 finals of the UEFA Cup is quite capable for the current team, six years ago fighting for survival in the elite League of Poland.- Can we call victory over Parma and Schalke 04" the most striking episodes of your six-year career as President Wisla?Bogdan Basali: you Can say so. In 1997 the owner of the club was Bohuslav Cupial and since then Wisla is among the leading teams in Poland. During this time we have twice been national Champions in 1999 and 2001, and once finished second. We had some memorable matches in the UEFA Cup, for example, when we knocked out the "Zaragoza". In this season we overcame Parma FC and FC Schalke 04". I want to add that last year we are in a very bitter struggle lost to Barcelona in the qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League.- Who would have thought that after their home draw with Schalke 04" (1:1), you will be able to pass to the next round? But I think you defeated the hosts - 4:1... I was sure that we get the Germans. We had enough of the prerequisites for victory in this dispute, but in football you can never be sure of the outcome. Now we look forward with hope to the quarter-finals. This is very important to retain an efficient staff, and, if some players decide to leave, we have to quickly find an adequate replacement.- What is the contribution of the coach Wisla Henrik Kasperczak today?" We are very much trying to make Kasperczak worked in our club. Finally, in March of last year he was in the "Vistula" and we are very excited about this. After a career, Henrik 24 years worked in France. Now he is responsible for coaching all teams Wisla, starting with main. Speaking of our current structure, people often mention Camila Kosowski and Maciej o Zurawski - striker and midfielder. I will agree that they play a huge role in the success of the "Vistula", but there are other heroes. I would like to mention the Arkadiusz glowacki, Miroslav Szymkowiak and Marcin Bashy.- There are many rumours about the future of head coach of the club, as well as Kosowski and o Zurawski. What is the position of the club on this issue?- In March 2002, Henrik Kasperczak signed a three-year deal with the club, but I wish he spent in "WISA" for another three years. As for players, the club has no need to sell them. But we will not hinder their desire to try yourself in some other country. It doesn't weaken Wisla. However, our Zurawski signed a contract until 2007. Besides, we are a very strong claim to the European cups.- Wisla is the leader in the championship of Poland and a real contender for a place in the Champions League qualification. Your club in a position to become the first representative of Poland since 1996, who will be able to get into the main draw of this tournament? This will require a little luck in the draw. Warsaw Legia in this sense, one could only sympathize - they again went to Barcelona. Victory in superiority of the country will allow us to gain the missing experience in managing football Affairs and gaming practice that are necessary for confident performances in Europe. We have already begun construction of the new training with six fields, and in our nearest plans include the reconstruction of the stadium. I think we will fight for a place in the Champions League.Maciej Iwanski.

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