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Carlo Ancelotti is doomed to win

Carlo Ancelotti is doomed to winHead coach of Serie a leader Milan Carlo Ancelotti is not particularly envy. No matter how the team played, Italian layman there is always something contemptuously cast into the address of the mentor. Wins Milan - the merit of the players and the coach of nothing: how famous stars to win? Loses Milan - Ancelotti Lodge here: how the coach manages to lose with such a stellar line-up! Yes there are Philistines! The Prime Minister of the country and the club President Silvio Berlusconi certainly eager to see the members simultaneously and Shevchenko, Inzaghi, and he doesn't care what the plans of the coach is not included. "Milan" decent wins away Borussia Dortmund on icy field in the game, rather resembling hockey and Prime Minister unhappy again: where is the beautiful football?If Ancelotti is to win forever, and preferably on all three fronts at once. Let the Italian Cup, the giants have not considered in the Apennines valuable trophy, to retire in him at an early stage of the current Milan'm not fit even the second squad able to compete for the final victory, what can we then say about the first!"Inter twice shamefully lost as Bari, Juventus barely got away in the confrontation with the "Regina", but "Milan" has reached the quarterfinals without question. Achievement? What is there! It should be considered in the management of the club.After two missed with Juventus for the scudetto Ancelotti firmly entrenched glory forever second. To lift the curse can only win in the Italian League or the Champions League. And if you add to one of prestigious victories and a secondary Cup, it will only get better: neither Sacchi or Capello or zacheroni nor the other coaches in the era of Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Cup is not won.The DEFENSE is BEYOND PRAISE - to Win all three tournaments is very difficult, it's as close to sports as a miracle win a tennis Grand slam, " said Ancelotti. But we do not divide the tournament into primary and secondary, try to win on all fronts.- With this attack, like the current "Milan", a sin not to count on victory.- Everyone is talking about our attacking potential, and I would point to the amazing game of defense.- Why defense?- In the Italian League we missed 10 goals in 15 games. 10 Champions League games missed 9 goals, which is not too bad. Note that in the first phase, we provided the early exit from the group and allowed himself to relax a little. And on the second beat real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, keeping his goal intact. The fact that we have a huge attacking potential, it was known in advance. But the fact that for a short time managed to achieve a coherent game in defence, it should be particularly noted.- Huge credit for this belongs first of all, Paolo Maldini, who is brilliant season.- Since the beginning of the season, Paolo plays amazing. Last season he had an injury that has given rise to many assert that the Maldini's all in the past. Today he has no problems, and everything fell into place. Besides, moving from wing to center, veteran saves power.- On the left flank Maldini has adequately replaced by Kaladze.- Happy with the way plays a Georgian footballer who is a stable player in the starting lineup. If šimić on the right is more inclined to the defense, Kaladze is not shy to actively join the attack.- How did you manage to lead in fighting condition nesto, which at some point seemed lost on the pitch? Neste had difficult due to the fact that he failed to complete the preparatory period. When he first came to Milan, he immediately had to throw into battle. Then we gave him some rest and optimal shape.MARGIN - defense by defense, and yet it is impossible not to admire the efficiency of your team in attack.- In the first two months we played better and managed to score a lot of goals. Naturally, the fans get pleasure from it. But in November and December, I think the team is pleased their fans. Victory with a minimum score over inter, Roma, real Madrid and Borussia showed that we are effectively using the scoring chances when the game was not so easy. We have a margin of safety.- What do you see as the prospects for improving the game?- In better possession of the ball. Often we are addicted to narcissism and forget about the main thing: the faster the ball is delivered into the penalty area, the more chances you have to leave out of the backfield. With each new match with us playing harder, so the players have less time to think when receiving the ball. These moments should be used as efficiently as possible.- You assumed that at some point, "Milan" will be in crisis because it is impossible all the time to play well and score a lot.- Was a little worried it might podsada in November. In General, however, managed to avoid failure. First of all, because we have a long and high-quality bench. Except for indispensable protector, which had a huge load that everyone else was able to somehow catch his breath.The SECRET of "MILAN" IN the UNITY of IDEAS - Long Christmas break will benefit or to the detriment of the teams? We will definitely benefit. You ought to take into account that players spend not only physical but also mental strength. We have a very busy season, and the most important matches ahead. The next five months promise such intensity that to come out unharmed from this scorching heat is possible only with maximum effort. The more productive we will rest and recharge the batteries in the two and a half weeks, so we have more chances to finish at the head of the caravan both in Italy and in Europe.- What is the secret of success of the current "Milan" ?- Perhaps it lies in the fact that my players United by a common idea and believe in what they do. Without understanding the players that win are laid at daily training and rotation of staff is beneficial and not harmful for the result, I would not have been achieved. On the outcome of the 2002 we are pleased that everything goes so well. But remember the first half of the year, which turned out to be not quite as rosy as the second. We were dogged by problems and injuries, we lost the UEFA Cup semi-finals and barely caught hold of fourth place in Serie a, which gave the opportunity in the end to get into the Champions League. We were able to draw lessons from spring difficulties. Without insulting defeats wouldn't it be brilliant victories. Perhaps our secret is, don't give in to discouragement in the case of lesions and not ascend to heaven after a series of victories. My players do not allow themselves to lose motivation. That is their strength.George KUDINOV.

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