The Championship Of Russia. From established favorites to dark horses

The Championship Of Russia. From established favorites to dark horsesIn anticipation of the start of the championship of experts "SE" typically attempt to estimate which player has the greatest chance of being recognized in November the best player of the championship.Oh, and it is a thankless role to speculate on the future character of the new season before the start of the championship! It is somewhat akin to the one that got the poor fellow-lecturer Nikodinov in Eldar Ryazanov's film "carnival night" - just before the New year to talk about whether there is life on Mars or not. Remember the words of the character of Sergei Filippov: "Comrades, if you look at the sky, there you can see one, two, maybe three stars, but if you look to the naked eye..."In recent years, winners of football season in Russia became not only individually bright, but really team players - Smertin (1999), Titov (2000), Nigmatullin (2001), Loskov (2002). Hardly anyone will argue that today we have stars that are visible, aptly lecturer Nikodimov, to the naked eye. At the start of tomorrow's championship new Prim appropriate to just look in the "Locomotive" and CSKA, which the majority of individuals are not without reason prefer in the upcoming gold race. And who sets the tone? Reliable as armor, Ovchinnikov and nimble, crafty, Lekhetho, the same judicious Loskov and Dodger Gusev, as always, tireless Semak... most Likely, someone from them or their partners in the fall and will give an interview as a player В¦ 1.However, do not be surprised if best first time in our history have recognized someone from the "new Russian". For example, the Czech Jarosik or Brazilian Souza, at which the presidents of CSKA and "Wings of the Soviets" posted by three and a half million dollars. In General this past offseason foreign Legion in Russia is now stronger than ever, so it is reasonable to wait at the finish of the first one of the dark horses - Alberto or Roni, Nowotny, or just arrived in "Spartacus" by Robert. And this despite the fact that already smelled of Russian gunpowder Legionnaires - such as Koroman and Muratovic is not going to take positions.Brilliant game, we are entitled to expect from those who in his club and national team the first year goes in-and-comers. Aldonin, Kerzhakov, Karyaka, Semshov, Izmailov are now in the juice, they recognized leaders of their teams. So on their skill and efforts largely depends not only on what place they, along with teammates in the end will be, but the distribution of individual "Riflemen" after the end of the season.In General, we see that when determining whether or not the last character of the season-2003 eyes now diverge. And there's nothing left after lecturer Nikodinov in relation to the new football year you honestly confess: "is There life on Mars, is there life on Mars - this unknown science!"Evgeny ALDONIN Rococolisitc.01.1980 Height - 179 cm weight - 72 kg. holding midfielder "Rotor" has become one of the major discoveries of the last year. Rapidly breaking into the elite of Russian football, he is progressing in his eyes. The only negative for the applicant for the title of best player - the lack of club achievements. But cannot exclude that in the summer Aldonin will move to one of the capital clubs.Rolan GUSEV Separatistic.09.1977 Height - 180 cm, weight - 75 kg. last year Gusev along with Semak was the most conspicuous figure in the army command. If this season she will be the champion, the right midfielder will surely prove one of the main contenders for the title of best player. Gusev shows a consistently high level of play and high scoring.Alexander KERZHAKOV Santaparade.11.1982 Height - 175 cm, weight - 67 kg. Chances "Zenith" on the coin, perhaps not as high as the chances of Kerzhakov for the title of top scorer. If St. Petersburg striker wins best snipers and good will manifest itself in the Russian team, this year could well be the year of Kerzhakov.Jacob LEKGETHO Lokomotivtechnik.03.1974 Height - 178 cm, weight - 70 kg. South African "all-rounder" has long established itself as one of the best foreign players in our football. Moreover, Lekhetho exhibits exceptionally stable game both within Russia and internationally. Rare right of midfield to beat a tenacious South African on the flank.Dmitry LOSKOV Lokomotivarussia.02.1974 Height - 175 cm, weight - 74 kg. the Best footballer of last year, of course, is in the range of contenders for this title. Dispatch talent Loskov helped the railwaymen for the first time in history to win the gold of the Russian championship and advance to the second stage of the Champions League. "Locomotive" with Laskovy and without it - a completely different team.Sergei OVCHINNIKOV Locomotiv.11.1970 Height - 185 cm, weight - 93 kg. Goalies rarely recognize the best players. But Ovchinnikov quite able to repeat the achievement Nigmatullin 2001. Its exceptional reliability and leadership to clearly distinguish the Boss from the cohort of Russian goalkeepers.Sergei SEMAK CSKA.02.1976 Height - 178 cm, weight - 73 kg. last season Semak took third place in the poll for the title of best player of the season. This year the captain of CSKA will certainly try to step into two steps above. However, much will depend on how successfully will perform CSKA and Russian national team, where he gradually comes to the fore.SOUZA Wings Savetemplate.06.1975 Height - 168 cm, weight - 62 kg. Souza, who played several matches for the Brazil national team, has now become one of the most prominent figures in the Samara team. Paid for his transfer 3.5 million dollars speak volumes. With the arrival of this technical Legionnaire "Wings" is entitled to rely on the fact that for the first time will be the winners of the championship of Russia.Egor TITOV Spartakatsiner.05.1976 Height - 186 cm weight - 79 kg. With the return to operation of Titova fans of the red-whites were hopeful. If one of the symbols of "Spartacus" will restore the former condition, he is able to bring the team back the lost positions. Recall that Titov has twice (in 1998 and 2000) was recognized as the best player in the country.Jiri JAROSIK Separatistic.10.1977 Height - 194 cm, weight - 87 lbs. In the first official match for CSKA scored a goal against the champion of the country "Locomotive". In the offseason also regularly scoring, with the move becoming one of the leaders of the Vice-Champions of Russia. However, this is the impact of waiting for fans of red and blue in each game, as the Czech star paid a record for our country transfer amount is $ 3.7 million.Vladimir KONSTANTINOV.

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