Zenit - Saturn Ren-TV. Match report

Zenit - Saturn Ren-TV. Match reportAnd yet in us a strong belief in miracles. And, if not in miracles, say, good wizards. Those should come in one offseason to change our football, or at least to make us the belief that change is possible. That's right - a session of magic - perceived Petersburg fans first match "Zenith" with "Saturn - REN TV". A good magician Petrzhela was to destroy the impression of weak last season, and waiting to give a miracle.In some way, a miracle took place, however, as we know, the most important miracles are cooked long and tedious. But - in order.Guests came not to lose, and don't even play for a draw. Even before the match the team was received by the Governor of the Moscow region, and its mandate was to inspire the suburban players - for them, if not Moscow, the Moscow region. As for "Zenit", after "pumping" from the meeting with fans on Thursday, the newly formed Petrograd and Petrograd and rushed on the field.The first exchange of attacks didn't give either team the advantage. But gradually, the initiative began to pass to "Zenith" - his attacks were more dangerous and more interesting. As for the attacks - their attacking impulses promptly extinguished the new international line of defence "Zenith", in any case, things are even close to the penalty the hosts did not occur.The first blow was marked "Zenit", Alexander Kerzhakov was trying from a distance, the shot missed the target. Next minute Lukasz gartig has made a penalty kick, but he did not bring good luck - reliable protection tripped "Saturn".On 17 th minute goal took place - a good interception attack guests allowed to turn a classic counterattack fan. Arshavin, giving the ball Spivak, rushed to the near post, leading the defenders, the Hulk rushed to the center, and at the far post canopy clearly "worked" Alex Katulsky."Saturn" has rushed to recoup, and in the 27th minute was close to success - free, skillfully executed Bystrov approximately from 27-yards Hulk was able to beat off with great difficulty, and he successfully played on the rebound".But Saturn got his way - if not by hook, by crook. In the 38th minute Carlos Da Silva played the classic Brazilian "duck" and the next minute Rogachev from the penalty spot to equalise.Until the end of the half, the game was on a collision course, but no breakthrough Kerzhakov in the 42nd minute, stopped by the defense of "Saturn" in a situation very reminiscent of penalty, no blow Gorshkov head after a corner, not brought to the teams success.The second half Zenit began with the internally permutations - injured Pavel mareЕЎ, and released instead of Radek Shirl took the left flank attack "Zenith". Spivak went to the center, and the "hole" in the protection of closed Katulsky. Saturn, who lost in the first half of Lesniak, however, successfully regrouped and was able to establish a sharp game.To 60 minutes, the teams exchanged dangerous moments, the tension in the match grew. Contributed the behavior of the judge Ivanova, had missed from the hands of the game. Rudeness on the field has become rather the rule and conflict situations often threatened to escalate into a massive fight. Oils in fire were added also by the St. Petersburg audience, offended the penalty for "failure" of their favorites. But on 62 minutes of all public grief vanished - Radek Shirl, after another interception, skillfully put the ball under him and gave a perfect pass from Kerzhakov. The fact you only have to approach the Keeper and strike - 2:1.A lot can be told about the further course of the match - and that yellow cards have appeared like mushrooms after rain, and that Vlastimil Petrzhela, who led the game from the sidelines trying to simultaneously command and boys, feeding balls, and that Saturn could implement your chance in the 72nd minute, the ball is tossed in the box of "Zenith". But a simple listing of events shall reflect only the voltage of the match. And when in the third minute of injury time Daniel Kyritz, unable to stand, fouled in a harmless situation and left the team with ten men, it can be understood - were all nervous. The game was hard and excited - nobody wanted to concede.The final whistle Ivanova Zenit met as if they'd won at least a Cup match. And rushed to congratulate the podium, and they thanked them for what team gave them faith in a miracle. The miracle of the Transfiguration. The miracle of victory. Ekaterina Grigorieva.

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