Russia: Money play

Russia: Money playDecember became the Russian football clubs a month of changes. Changed names, owners, sponsors, coaches and players. B talks about the most notable events in the Russian football that happened in the offseason.Ten owners Immediately after the completion of the championship of Russia on football company Norilsk Nickel has announced the acquisition of the poorest teams of the Russian Premier League - torpedo-ZIL". Rather, the word "ZIL" will be preseason replaced by "Nickel". Question about moving the team from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk rose, but at the moment it is clear that at least until the end of the first round of next season unprecedented for the Russian football move doesn't happen."Torpedo-ZIL", according to our calculations, became the ninth team in the Premier League, which for the last two years have changed ownership or the General sponsor. The tenth was "Chernomorets", although revolutionary changes with it you will not name. One territorial structure was replaced by another: before the team was sponsored by the city, now this will make the entire region. And so now we are speaking not of "Chernomorets" (Novorossiysk), and "Chernomorets" (Krasnodar region).Planning and redistributed the shares between the founders of "Zenit" - an event that happens every New year. Approximately 5% more shares became the administration of St. Petersburg due to the proportion of "Lentransgaz". The main bomb of the offseason, however, did not explode: "Spartak" has not changed ownership. The company "Sibneft", in early December announced its views of one of the Moscow teams (which was then called), had intended to buy a stake in the ex-champion of Russia. However, held in London negotiating with the owners of the club success of "Sibneft" has not brought, and the oil company agreed to cooperate with the "torpedo" in the status of the sponsor."Alania" at the request of the Ossetian community was renamed in "Spartak - Alania" - the name by which the club from Vladikavkaz played only one season, but winning - 1995. Perhaps, this is a list of status changes in the Russian clubs currently closed. Although there is some evidence to suggest that there is another struggle for the redistribution of property in CSKA.Six coaches Offseason - the normal period of rotation of coaches, and club management is trying to find a specialist at least until the New year to the newly arrived, the coach was with the team the entire cycle of pre-season training. Currently head coaches changed 6 teams out of 16. Half of them are quite famous in the post-Soviet space experts: Vitaly Shevchenko headed "Saturn-Ren TV", Revaz dzodzuashvili - "Spartak-Alania", Vladimir Shevchuk - "Chernomorets". Well-known experts, ordinary transitions.But the coaches who led torpedo-ZIL", Uralan and "Zenith", the new Russian Premier League, although the players are perfectly known both in Russia and abroad. The top of the club careers of two former players of the national team, and now the Russian Premier coaches, became the UEFA Cup final, won two Italian giants. Sergey Aleynikov is Juventus; Igor Shalimov - Inter. Both were trained team third in importance of the national leagues first in Italy, the second in Russia. Took Uralan 33-year-old Igor Shalimov also became the youngest head coach of the Russian elite division.But truly unprecedented event for the Russian championship - coming to Zenit coach from abroad (before that I can recall a tragicomedy with the advent in Elista Boris Bonaca). Czech Vlastimil Petrzhela headed in the 90-ies of Slavia Prague and Sparta, the latter, however, one season and failed - that's when Mr. the Former flagship of Czech football did not become the champion of his country. "Zenit" in the contenders for the gold"-2003 also not yet recorded, although the number of pre-season candidates for the unusual high. To repeat the success of hockey players Yaroslavl "Locomotive", which became, under the leadership of compatriot of Vlastimil Petrzhela Vladimir Vuytek Champions of Russia, it did not seem to require; this year "Zenith" the goal is to enter the top five on the 2004 season is to get into the Champions League. Given the utterly spoiled euromerican Russian clubs, this problem is equivalent to the proposal to take first place.Three scandalous transition the Most noticeable negative balance of transitions by the end of the month a "Saturn-Ren TV", which has sold if not all, of its hefty portion. "Saturn" also belongs to an informal record of money transfers, which the Russian club allegedly was ready to commit. Sounded version of that speaker in Argentina 19 - year-old Silvio gonzГЎlez Russian team was ready to pay $2.8 million But the South American has frightened suburban cold one, and then Saturn has denied raspisavshihsya the scale of the deal and went to the first pre-season gathering with just 19 players, of which only one is a freshman (ex-torpedo Andrew malai). Because of these 19 contracts not oversubscribed with everyone after the New year Saturn will go shopping.The main buyers are still - "Dynamo" and "Spartak". Among a dozen rookies the blue and white received a 27-year-old striker albert, who had just composed Santos became the champion of Brazil, and are targeting at least another three of his compatriots. Generally Brazilian direction this year is extremely popular: view of players in South America flew from "Dynamo", "Spartak", "Wings of the Soviets" (they bought Souza, who played several matches for the Brazil national team), "Locomotive", not to mention the trip to Argentina representatives of "Saturn". Rookie of the Premier League "ruby" has intensified the Brazilian Ronny, also lighted up in the national team of his country. Note that unlike previous years, not agents Brazilians brought to Russia, and the Russians journeyed across the ocean in search of more quality football product."Spartak" the Brazilians are not bought and did not seem to become like that. On the contrary, sent home the only thing that remained in its composition - Marcelo Silva, and another not the worst representative of the football nation, unable to digest the realities of the Russian land. Rather, water is the one on which food is prepared in Moscow, five months led Brazilian body into a state of discomfort. But Brazilians "Spartak" became the leader of the offseason on loud passages. In one day closed the case of Dmitry Sychev, which "Spartak" has not given FC Dynamo Kyiv, and successfully sold to Marseille, but opened the case of the ex-captain of Kiev "Dynamo" Vladislav Vashchuk. It is not excluded that hostilities between the two most popular teams of the former USSR is not limited to the struggle for Dmitri Sychev and Vladislav Vashchuk as two defender of Kiev, Yuri dmitrulin and Andriy Nesmachnyi, refused to prolong the contract with the club and expressed a desire to move to Spartak.A similar case also takes place between CSKA and "Spartak-Alania": coach of Muscovites and Russian national team took from his former team midfielder Alan Kusov. However, in Vladikavkaz going to challenge signed by the army and their former footballer of the contract: according to the club's President Mikhail Shatalov, Alan Kusov related transactions with "Alania" to the end of 2003. However, a big scandal here will not work due to different weight classes of the warring parties, but the number of acute conflict situations in the Russian Premier League over the top.Strong temptation to write off the effect of the act of Dmitry Sychev, generally descended to the football player with hands: why now don't steal, the number there to appease? But the problem is much deeper: intensive breeding post-Soviet clubs takes place on the background of the mess in his contract system. In "Spartak" began to lead the contracts in order, only losing Dmitry Sychev; in Kiev, where, according to, contracts out of the hands of any one player, took care of this problem, only having missed Vladislav Vashchuk. There is no reason to hope that in the other clubs legal registration of relations with the players different in a good way, so all these conflicts at least make the clubs to adjust their administrative cases.In General, the beginning of the offseason confirms the trend. Investments in Russian football are, and the role of the investor is increasingly big business performs. Clubs now have enough funds to expand human expansion. And slowly, creaking and wrenching on light dirty Laundry is starting to change the archaic system of management of professional football clubs - a process that will last more than one year, but it's good that he actually went. Perhaps the most important result football 2002..

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