Milan - The Locomotive. Evaluation of the FE

Milan - The Locomotive. Evaluation of the FEMELANGED to 6.0. The goalkeeper was not enough. With a few long-range shots he managed without difficulty.BROKK is 6.0. In the defense of serious mistakes were not allowed, but the connections to the attacks sinned inaccurate transmissions.NESTA is 6.5. Once again proved that he is a world class player. It should be recognized that his opponents in the face of attacking "Loko" were frankly weak.COSTACURTA is 6.5. Veteran Milan acted in the center accurately and reliably.MALDINI is 6.5. Through proper choice of the position securely closed area left-back.GATTUSO is 6.5. Well managed the responsibilities of a defensive midfielder. Won the majority of hard martial arts in center field.PIRLO is 6.0. Played a game on average.RUI COSTA IS 6.5. In several episodes showed high individual appliances. Gave a lovely long ball from Inzaghi, after which Tomasson scored the winning goal.RIVALDO is 6.0. The impression that technically strong and effective Brazilian at Milan incorrectly used. He often departed in depth of field, how did the far mounted transmission.INZAGHI is 6.0. A lot of movement, balancing on the verge of offside. In great scoring episode opened, handled the ball, but to strike a smashing blow could not. At the end of the match is not correct scoring chances.TOMASSON is 6.0. Scored the winning goal, but other than that nothing useful to do failed.SERGINHO - 7,0. Coming on as substitute, visibly revived the game "Milan". Made several dangerous flanking aisles, one of which ended with a shot against the crossbar. At the end of the meeting gave an excellent pass to Inzaghi.LOKOMOTIVOSOSTAV - 7,0. Confidently and accurately acted on the outputs. In the key episodes of the match did everything possible to prevent a goal, but the partners did not insure the goalkeeper. In the end, came to the rescue team, responded to the impact of stress Inzaghi.NIZHEGORODOV is 6.5. Fearlessly and efficiently played the lead. Emerged victorious in most of hard martial arts. Not managed to back Pashinin, when Tomasson scored a goal.PASHININ - 7,0. If not for positional error in the 62nd minute, it could have been called the best player in structure "Loko". Before the fatal moment and after playing extremely reliable. Time to clean up the flaws of partners, well-led defense, time and again, creating the offside trap.SENNIKOV is 6.5. Tightly acted forwards against a big opponent. Won almost all aerial combat.LEKHETHO is 6.5. Securely closed the left curb. To beat a tenacious South African one to one was almost impossible. Sorry, got another yellow card, which will miss the next match.OBRADOVIC is 5.5. On his right flank from the fact they spent the majority of attacks. The mobility of the inferior Lekhetho.IGNASHEVICH is 6.0. Playing in place of defensive midfielder has focused mainly on defensive duties, which did well.MAMINOV is 4.5. Lost in midfield, although he had to make the transition from defence to attack.LOSKOV is 5.5. Tried to play it safe, but bad hitters opened under the transfer and trademark long-range shots against the Manager of the Team struggled.BUZNIKIN to 4.0. His weak physical readiness amid the powerful Milan defense was evident. Had moved, paid only one shot on goal, which was easy prey for Dida.PIMENOV to 4.0. Moved more Buznikin, but also its high efficiency will not name. Host defense Yury Pimenov was clearly not on the teeth.IZMAILOV to 4.0. Not yet ready for the matches at such a high level. After five minutes spent on the field, noticeably hooked. With his mistakes began scoring attack the Italians..

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