Liverpool going to sign with the Hive a new contract

Liverpool going to sign with the Hive a new contractExecutive Director of Liverpool's Rick parry said the club intends to sign a new contract with head coach Gerard Houllier despite not good situation in the club. Note that the current term of the contract, Hive expires in 2005, but Perry had hoped that the Frenchman wants to stay for a long time at the club."We hope that the Hive will stay here as long as Alex Ferguson at Manchester United". When we appointed Houllier, the Liverpool coach, we were sure that it's perfect for this post. Under his leadership, the team has had continued success," said Perry.Recall that Ferguson leads Manchester United since 1986, and the Hive became the coach of "Liverpool" in 1998, when he was dismissed Roy Evans. On Sunday, Liverpool beat 2-0 Manchester United in the League Cup final, but the Premier League team plays not so impressionable. Despite this, Perry noted that they never thought about the dismissal of the Hive."We're not panicking here. As stated by himself the Hive last week, the club is interested in the fact that he still led the team. So was and always will be," said Executive Director of "Liverpool".Now Liverpool is in seventh place in the standings of the English Premier League and 20 points behind League leaders Arsenal."We never pay attention to what people say, as this is not true. Our plans will not change in independence because that can happen. I want to show our full trust to Gerard Houllier," concluded Perry.

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