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Roman Berezovsky: words Helped Prokopenko during the break

Roman Berezovsky: words Helped Prokopenko during the break- How would you rate the episode with the appointment of a penalty?- Stoev stumbled upon an elongated leg of Batak, and it's hard for me to judge whether it is punishable odinnadtsatimetrovy blow.- Your partners tried to defend a point of view in discussions with the referee. You decided not to participate in this procedure?- Guys argued. But it wouldn't have mattered. As the judge decided - so be it. So we tried to focus on the upcoming game with Elvetia.- Knew the match was over and went minute of stoppage time?- The backup plate umpire did not see, but he knew that must sound the whistle, win and lose, it would be very disappointing.- Admit it, the direction of the blow Elvetia guess?" Of course, guessing. If reversed, would have been a goal. When executing a penalty advantage is always on the side of kicker. The goalie one choice - to jump to where the ball will fly. Elvetia struck hard, but...- So in this case you are lucky, and he isn't?- It turns out that way. Indeed, the penalty shootout is a lottery. In the first half, "Dynamo", to put it mildly, did not work. At a press conference, head coach Viktor Prokopenko admitted that during the break he and his players came out hard-hitting conversation with the non-parliamentary expressions of him. She started?- But, as soon as the second half began, then started. Prokopenko all said, what is called in the case. And we had to listen to his criticism and advice. We began to control the game, and I think I only once really touched the ball - when he hit a penalty.- Spot you reflect quite often. Count how many you have won the duel?- No such statistics are not engaged..

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