Lazio - Tottenham. Inzaghi inspires Lazio

Lazio - Tottenham. Inzaghi inspires LazioComing on as substitute in the second half, Simone Inzaghi ensured Lazio victory over Besiktas in the first leg of the UEFA Cup match. In response to the transfer of Dejan Stankovic on the 56th minute, Inzaghi scored the only goal in the match held at the Stadio Olimpico. Thus, the intrigue in this pair is preserved, and much will depend on the return leg in Istanbul. Lazio began in a businesslike way. Cesar and Giuseppe Favalli quickly took control of the left flank. However, neither the hosts nor the guests could not see it hit. The first dangerous attack of the Romans spent only 13 minutes. Enrico Chiesa has played on Claudio Lopez, but he broke straight into Oscar Cordoba. A minute later, Favalli filed to the left, but Nicola Lazetic from a good position his shot was inaccurate. However, the Turks not only in defence but were solid in possession. Initially, however, without much danger to the opposition goal. However, as the guests settled in, Ilhan Mansiz, Daniel Punk and Sergen yalçın become well operate in front - so soon the Italians had to worry about the order of their defensive lines. 2 minutes before the break, Ilhan left behind Couto and had to score, but the path to goal player of the Turkish team in time barred Jaap Stam. Soon Besiktas and had seized the initiative. At the beginning of the second half, the first Sergen, followed by Ilhan checked'agnello Peruzzi strength with penalties. But when it seemed that the "black eagles" managed to impose on the owners of the game, the Romans struck the resultant shot. On the 11th minute of the second half Stankovic on the right made a low pass to Inzaghi, who took the ball eight metres and, turning, struck by closed its defenders Cordoba. Scoring, the Romans gave the initiative to the guests who almost punished them for their arrogance. One of the Ilkhan could score twice. On 67 minutes, using witty pass of Serena and once again leaving his guardian out of business, the striker shot wide. After 9 minutes, the same pair again played a good combination, but this time the way the ball was Peruzzi having repulsed his feet. Then the game continued it on a collision course. But in the end the most real chances to score received by the Romans. On 82 minutes, Diego Simeone and Stefano Fiore together don't hit the ball, and in the final seconds only "heroic" act of Ronaldo Guru, who took the ball on himself, prevented Lopez to double the score. "We cannot squander so many opportunities," said after the game the coach of the Romans Roberto Mancini. In the first half we played well, but only until the case reached the penalty area but his side - they have nothing worked. Fortunately, after the interval Inzaghi managed to sharpen the game. We played decently and go to Istanbul to win, not draw. Hopefully we'll be able to score in Turkey at least one goal. Then it will be much easier to reach the semi-finals"..

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