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Ricardo Quaresma and Cristiano Ronaldo - new players of real Madrid.

Ricardo Quaresma and Cristiano Ronaldo - new players of real Madrid.Despite the "policy Sidenow and Pavona", real Madrid is not perestat "handle" of the international football transfer market and have already put your eyes on two Portuguese pearls - Ricardo Andrade Caressa and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both now play for sporting Clube de.The observer of "real Madrid" specially flew to Lisbon and live watched the last two matches of young players, then Royal club announced his desire to sign contracts with the Portuguese. As the sources say in Madrid, both former football players, "sporting" got on the list of the twenty most promising players of the club and it is already booked myself tuttee place in the composition of their future team.Ricardo Quaresma - right midfielder, 19 years old, has an amazing skill and cunning, in Portugal it is called "the new Figo". In turn, Cristiano Ronaldo he plays as the second striker, 18 years old, very smart and clever player.Most likely, the player will still continue to play for sporting Clube de Portugal and in 2005 alone, go into the "real Madrid"..

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