Spartak Nalchik threaten to leave 15 players

Spartak Nalchik threaten to leave 15 playersThe conflict between the management of "Spartak" from Nalchik and players threatens to bring about the collapse of the team. Statements to the FTC's requirement to pay their salaries for six months or recognize free agents filed 15 club players: goalkeepers Krashchenko and Chikhradze, defenders of Alchagirov, Kudayev, Iskakov, Pavement, Yagodkin, Khuako, Midfielders Zarutsky, Skvortsov, K. Demenko, SeverTEK, Ostrivnoy, Varlamov and forward of the bakers. The club does not pay us a salary and bonuses from July of last year. We are tired of waiting and not too believe the promises of the leaders of the team, commented on the incident, the captain "Spartaka" Alexander Zarutsky. Now in Cyprus are almost all the players who wrote statements to the FTC, noted, in his turn, the Director of the club from Kabardino-Balkaria, Vladimir Balls. - In Episkopi not only did Krashchenko, Khuako, Iskakov and retired Alchagirov. Before the trip to collect the club held a meeting where we managed to find a compromise. Until March 10, we must repay players. Spartak - budget team, and last year our Republic faced hard times: the flood washed away roads in the mountains, and means on the football lacked. The players filed statements trying to defend himself, but at the same time to draw attention to their problems. Legally they are right. There is the lack of a club in the checkout need of funds. But I am sure eventually we will be able to keep the team as much as 70 percent..

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