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France football Brazil EuropeThe championship of France, was relegated to the periphery of the fans ' attention in Spanish, English and Italian, football foodies coming back into fashion. In its bowels a powerful "fifth column" has ripened national team of Senegal, the sensational team of the last world Cup. It was there every season ignited a dozen new stars in order to Shine for years in one of these top tournaments. French coaching school now looks the most popular in the world: it is enough to remember Wenger, Houllier, Tegan, Denoix, Metsu and trusse. It is in Le Championnat, finally, play the most popular today in Europe, the Russian players - Alexei Smertin and Dmitry Sychev. On the eve of the junction of the French championship six main commands in the file "News"."Marseille". 29 games, 52 points, 1-2 metadata, we can expect the return of the times of the great "Marcel", which from 1989 to 1993-nd do not let anyone approach a major French prizes. In the first Marseilles season 46-year-old Alain Perrin managed to put a balanced, thorough football, based on the best defense in France (LeBoeuf - van byuyten - DOS Santos - METI). It is encouraging that the best attacking combination Perrin sees a pair Bakayoko - Sychev, where the first role thrashing the defenses of the enemy tank, and the other thrusting a bayonet. To stab opponents Dmitry managed three times already."Monaco. 29 games, 52 points, 1-2 metaluna coaching hope of France Didier Deschamps; first scorer 25-year-old Congolese striker Shabani Nonda; best, perhaps, from playing in France defenders Rafael Marquez. However, forecasting the future of Monaco to the upcoming matches against Bordeaux and "nice" it is better to abstain: the game on the Monaco is characterized by extreme unpredictability."Lyon". 28 games, 48 points, 3rd of mesosoma successful in Europe, the French team in recent years. The best in the championship group attack: Sonny Anderson, a 23-year-old candidates for the national team of France Govou and Luyindula, the French genius unrecognized Quarry and one of the multiple Brazilian Juninho - nicknamed Pernambukanu. Not the best, but perhaps the most versatile football Old world: Europe, Africa and South America in the game, "Lyon" almost equal."Bordeaux". 28 games, 46 points, 4th mastony stable club of France, however, this is not the case, where stability is an attribute of the class: for three years now Bordeaux shyly trampled the border first three, not daring to cross. Perhaps this "complex "salty" is not named Alex Smartini the reason for his willingness to leave one of the oldest French clubs."Auxerre". 27 games, 43 points, 7th bestonly France - Brazil football Europe, the best old world market players, Auxerre should be referred to a more elegant word: for example, boutique. Guy Roux manages to combine the pipelined nature of production-class players with their shtuchnostyu. Additional submission 21-year-old Djibril Cisse, the best sniper of the last championship of France, is no longer appropriate - although, truth to tell, at this point irrelevant and compliments due to somenody current season injuries (a total of 12 goals; for Cisse it "only"). The absence of Cisse made the whole of France learn how to pronounce the name of Benjamin Mwaruwari - the young Zimbabwean is only slightly inferior to Jibril in the technique, but superior in transti. 22-year-old France midfielder Oliver KAPO hotly anticipated at Arsenal. Philippe Mexes of AC Milan in their part-21 - another young genius, dream it, "Manchester United" and "Barcelona". Give term: over time, this 187-centimeter blond strengthen the defense of the French team and would probably be in it (the defense) the only white person. 22-year-old Finnish reference hav Teemu, Tania and 21-year-old French attacking midfielder Lionel Mathis enriched assembled this from guy Roux variant youth world team, slightly diluted Mature players of the national team of Senegal: Ambi FEMA and renowned connoisseur gold jewelry Khalil Fadiga. This season, Auxerre, may again be left without a title, but soon many of his players in Europe will know by name."Paris Saint-Germain. 29 matches, 42 points, 8th of mesosoma successful in Europe parody superclub: superabile, supersunday, supertrace on players and a complete lack of sense. Paris for 9 years, can not become a champion, and its main figures - forward Ronaldinho and coach Fernandez - no way to get along together. One of them will leave the team this summer, although some of the fans believed that it would be better if it did both.Dmitry NAVOSA.

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