Lokomotiv - Milan. Audacity - the second happiness

Lokomotiv - Milan. Audacity - the second happinessAlthough in Milan "the locomotive" has lost with dignity - 0:1, this account should not mislead. Talking about that, don't be hurtful mistakes Izmailov and mysterious offside Inzaghi, "Loko" could take away from Milan's point, I think, detrimental to the "Locomotive". It is not necessary to amuse itself illusions: the game that was shown at the stadium "San Siro" champion of Russia, it is impossible to beat great teams.Yes, AC Milan in the second stage, took over at home against real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, with the same score. But these victories were given to the great Milanese voltage moral and physical strength, "locomotive" was beaten half-heartedly. Remembering about the error Izmailov, we must not forget that there were another hit the crossbar, Serginho and unforgivable blunder Inzaghi, who with two feet struck right in Ovchinnikova.On Thursday evening I had the opportunity to look decisive for the Russian national team match of the European championship on mini-football. We were opposed by Italy, which the previous generation of players under the previous leadership of the beat is always and under all circumstances. In the composition of the Russian team were not just stars headed by Konstantin Eremenko. The previous generation was the belief that we are at any time of the day or night can beat Italy. And it felt the Italians themselves, who was afraid of fire Eremenko and its partners. And thus was lost even before reaching the site.In a match that our new team gave Italy on Thursday, there was no hint of past psychological advantage. In the end, the Italians, whom we always beat, for the first time in its history reached the final of the European championship, and our infamously flew at a preliminary stage.Remember butt matches of Russian national team under the leadership of Boris Ignatiev against Mondial Italy, striking a match "Spartak" against inter, against Lokomotiv against Lazio and Roma, the recent rivalry between CSKA and "Parma". Drew attention to a curious fact. Although the championship of Russia is much inferior to Serie a And national team of the country is much lower than that of Italy in the FIFA rankings, our clubs don't lose Italian with a big score. Moreover, often there is a tie, and if you defeat someone with a minimum score. Every time there is the illusion of equality, but every time the results of the two matches, the Italians have us beat. This certainly voiced the same "objective" reasons for failure: judges, bad luck, late autumn or early spring, trauma. But I don't remember our coaches admitted that we are losing to the Italians in the nature and thirst of struggle.They say the audacity - the second happiness. In the confrontation of the USSR - Italy this happiness has often been on our side. Why in the Apennines still remember Yashin, chislenko, Mikhailichenko, coach Lobanovsky? Yes, because these people beat the Italians!Russian teams before matches against Italian teams task is to not lose. The Soviet teams, as the former Russian national team on mini-football, the goal was different - to win. You feel the difference? This does not mean that we always used to win, but the attitude of the opponent was different. No wonder the veterans of Italian football still respectfully think of the old fights: uncompromising Russian, Russians struggle to the end, the Russians have never lost to us in "physics". Our teams regularly miss offensive goals at the end of matches or wrong in the most unexpected moment (remember the match "Spartak" with inter, second leg CSKA with Parma, a ridiculous own goal "Locomotive" on "Stadio Olimpico"), and former players of the series And continue to repeat: with the Russians has always been difficult.In matches against Italian teams need to be sporting arrogance, self-confidence. The only way to defeat a more skilled opponent. No trace of such impudence in the "San Siro" I discovered. Aside Ovchinnikov - he sports insolence and anger in excess, but he is the goalkeeper. Field players "Loko", especially the Midfielders and the attackers are brought by people for whom a goalless draw - the ultimate dream. About Pimenova with Buznikin just say nothing, Parkes came too late. Obradovic on his right flank looked like a man who does not understand what is in the Champions League. Lekhetho tried left to do something, but his nerve resulted in only a yellow card and disqualification. Ignashevich who have suffered the flu, tried as best he could, but the leader does not pulled. Pashinin defended very cool, but to win this enough could not, because needs to score more.In matches against the Italians, someone must assume the role of leader. Need a player who is able to shout at her, to make them, to demonstrate to the authority before the arbitrator. You need to be able to lead by example, as did Milan Ambrosini and Inzaghi in the second half of the match with Lazio, as did veterans Maldini with Costacurta in the match with Lokomotiv. Perhaps such a fighting figure could be in the "San Siro" Evseev, but he was not there.I want to believe that he or someone else will show real character not only on her but on another side of the field. Italians respect and fear the strong in spirit. If tonight Lokomotiv brought a team with character, he has a chance to perform the feat. If the team will enter the field again with the idea not to lose, then again after the match will be references to the officiating or bad luck, an early spring or injury. But we have already passed...George KUDINOV.

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