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Yury Sevidov. The end of the story

Yury Sevidov. The end of the storyFootball sometimes is like a fairy tale ? the fans, knowing the weakness of his team, still hope for a decent result. Alas, in a match "the Locomotive" with Borussia sort happened.Contrary to logic, the notorious success of the outsider is only possible provided that more weak in tactical and technical team will give the opponent a surprise in the form of physical and volitional readiness. Forcing the fight and trying to win it. Coating deficiencies in performing skills to a high volume of traffic. Unfortunately, the "Loco" on "Westfalenstadion" this was not possible.In the first half, five defenders "the Locomotive" ? Obradovic, Pashinin, Ignashevich, Sennikov and Lekhetho played exclusively at the back. Extreme defencists never crossed midfield. Near the Central defenders were constantly more and Mnguni involved only destructive work. The idea is that the attack had only four players - Evseev, Maminov, Izmailov and Pimenov. But Evseev with Muminova, afraid to fail, went forward one by one, Izmailov still not get in shape, and its starting speed is clearly not impressed, plus absolutely did not play at Pimenova, who was unable to catch any one ball and lost almost every challenge. Hoped that "the locomotive" this attack will succeed, was, to put it mildly, not serious. To take risks in attack "Loko" was not going, it was obvious that the draw for him is the best option. But without risk, to pull the game impossible! Especially if you're playing against such a rival, Borussia Dortmund, but still playing with a full stadium-By the way, the Germans in the beginning of the meeting also nothing intelligible could not show. Without Rosicky Dortmund acted quite simple. Without raisins. All the fantasy was to transfer to the hinged Collier and attempts to pick up the ball after discounts Czech giant. This game was clearly unable to please Sammer (dangerous moments at gate "Loko" was not), and "Borussia" has moved on long shots. First, Kel hit the post, and on the 39th minute of the match Frings has achieved the same success. Ovchinnikov did not even react to the shot of German, since it was closed by his own players. At the end of the first half Ignashevich often called partners quickly and compactly out of the penalty area if the ball leaves her, but, alas, not heard was-In the second half instead Obradovic on the left second striker - Cesar. Evseev withdrew to a place of right-back. And was immediately created chances to score! After hitting Izmailov and rebounding Lehmann hardly moved the ball to the corner. Inspired by "the locomotive" went forward a large force, but here something happened that was so afraid Semin. In open play, responding to the attack on the attack, the railroad began to lose to the hosts, without having to step back. Borussia, in turn, added to the movement, and at gate "Loko" began one after another to occur dangerous moments, double-incarnated into goals.Turns out that was right Semin when he kept the team in defence? Sure it isn't. On the contrary, it was necessary to force players to go for broke from the first minutes of the match, after all, attacking the flanks of the Germans did not know how to defend themselves. Especially since that "Loco" in Dortmund needed to win. But in order to attack a large force and not to fall in the defense of our players had to exercise great willpower. This has not happened, and admitted in the postgame press conference, Semin.Obviously, in its most successful games (especially with the "real") "locomotive" in the volitional attitude over our heads. Players forced myself to move a lot, to join the fight and win it. Well-deserved loss against Dortmund once again shows that without extreme concentration in a tournament such as the Champions League, nothing to do. We can't force their players (professionals!) to invest fully in each match.Of course, Lokomotiv came to Dortmund exhausted after meeting with CSKA, but he and the Russian Champions to from time to time to play through. To play and win..

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