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Jarosik displays CSKA leaders in the first round

Jarosik displays CSKA leaders in the first roundCSKA Moscow showed in the first round, perhaps the most confident game, defeating the Premier League newcomers Rubin Kazan. With the arrival of the army club of Jiri Jarosik and Alan Kusov team Valery Gazzayev seems even more powerful and diverse. Both complement the midfield in terms of constructive actions. Having surprised many by entering the position Libero Dennis Evsikova in the super Cup, Gazzaev this time returned to Bohdan Shershun. On the edges of defence is located Berezutsky brothers, and the left side of midfield again took the Juris Laizans, who proved once again that it is not his position. Basically, the army attack developed on the right flank through Guseva and Kusov, maintaining an intelligent and prudent action football stars of the evening - Jiri Jarosik. CSKA immediately marked difference in class, but too quickly the ball into the gate of Kazan still not found himself. Popov could open the scoring after receiving a pass from Kusov, being in the penalty area. However, Denis did not handle the ball, and just decided to fall. The whistle was silent. After this episode, Jarosik famously freed himself from two defenders in the penalty box and fired a shot into the bottom corner. The goalkeeper "the ruby" Kozko hardly eliminated the threat. However, several minutes passed and the Czech midfielder lost the first fight in the penalty area on the second floor, but managed to handle the ball and landed a powerful roundhouse kick to open the scoring CSKA in the championship. Red and blue have further strengthened their positions on the field and already Semak beat from a distance during a dangerous counter-attacks of the army. Although the captain probably got excited, because in that episode with the penalty of "Rubin" the army had a numerical advantage. Looking ahead, it is worth noting that Semak was active as usual, but not as effective. Linear defense team Kurban Berdyev throughout the match was made positional mistakes. So, Kusov, beating a couple of players with the right flank astride Popov, on the ball, but the ball after it went over the side. However, it seemed that Kusov before transferring still lost the ball over the side. The next dangerous moment also took place after hitting his head. This time in the performance of Jarosik. However, a good position Kozko, somehow catching the ball. Few minutes later the Kazan Keeper is also embarrassing coped with a powerful shot of Popov, but after Kusov rolled the ball to "patch" the lonely Hulk, Kozko was powerless. Red-and-blue captain calmly sent the ball into the corner. 2:0. In the second half, CSKA continued to provide on the opponent's positional pressure. Penalty corner with alternately beat Semak and Gusev, not giving in to calm down the defense of Rubin. And after Kazan gave space to Popov in the penalty area, Denis got a pass from Jarosik and shot the crossbar. The battle of the owners went the defenders. Alexei Berezutsky dangerous hit from an average distance from the far corner, and Shershun his head after a corner under the crossbar. While the account has not changed, but the next attack of CSKA mocking confused and international guests. Gusev was on the right brow, shot in the center, Semak missed the ball, then did the same thing Popov, and Jarosik relish with his left foot put the ball from 20 yards into the far "nine". When uncollectible account Rubin were honored on their first dangerous moment in the high society of the Russian championship. Orlando Calisto punched a free-kick from 25 metres tee to the right of the penalty, the] in the fall did not let the ball to fall into the corner, but couldn't hold the ball, and run the čížek almost drove round into the near corner. Just fix the goalkeeper of the Russian team, who had to close the free corner. And to set the final numbers on the scoreboard was requested substitute Dmitry Kirichenko. First, the striker fell favorite header after a cross from the flank. Kozko in this episode played reliably. But then, Kazan goalkeeper failed to hit the ball in front Kirichenko and inject that into the net. CSKA takes the first place from the first round and looks very convincing. And the fans "the ruby" it is hoped that the defeat of the leader will become a kind of "baptism" of their team in the football world countries. Jarosik, 18, 78, Semak, 45, Kirichenko, 87 A. Berezutsky, 47, Kusov, 58 Scotty, 90 on March 16. Moscow. The stadium "Dynamo" CSKA: the], V. Berezutski, Shershun, A. Berezutski, Laizans, Jarosik, rahimić, Kusov (Solomatin, 72), Semak (Evsikov, 84), Gusev, Popov (Kirichenko, 80) Kozko, Scotty, Sinev, Nowotny, Sharonov, Konovalov (Bairamov, 53), čížek, Michkov (Sibaya, 63), Calisto, Boyarintsev, Roni Judge: Chebotarev (Krasnodar).

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