Skodinski option: care plus adventurism

Skodinski option: care plus adventurismThe period of primitive accumulation of capital in the Russian national team, apparently, was completed. The team is so rich that considered it possible before important meetings with Albanians to give the youth an interest-free loan in the face of Sychev and Izmailov. So, its owner regarded the hand Popova, Semak, Beschastnyh and Kerzhakov is sufficient for the organization of successful attacks.Do not overdo with generosity Valery Gazzaev, the game will show. But somehow I think that formally reduced to the status of the juniors tomorrow could the head coach be useful. First, because he and the other on the level of functional readiness of any of the above Quartet at the moment will not yield. And secondly, both in style for the upcoming match. Izmailov with his unreadable moves as the laser beam for focusing partners on purpose, and with an enviable penetrating abilities Sychev - like precision weapons.Functions such in the absence of a "Frenchman" is able to perform unless the Hulk, well manifested themselves at the start of the championship of Russia. Well, in the companions of St. Petersburg for part of the match is sure to be Semak: how did a bunch in the second half, winning meetings with the Irish, you obviously remember! Perhaps the only thing that can prevent Gazzaev to repeat successful in Cherkizovo experiment, - the exit status of the match. But we know that care is taken in the character of a mentor (from "cleaner" it does not wish to give up) coexists with a certain adventurism, but because the phenomenon of the Albanian people charged solely on the goal of the Duo is quite real.In the first part of the most likely seen the "combined" bunch of forwards: for example, head - Beschastnyh or Semak - Popov, head - Popov or Semak - Beschastnyh. This mix will allow players of the Russian national team not only to attack, but if necessary (who knows what they are capable of Albanians at home) to grasp the ball, hold it at the forefront until the approach of the main forces: after all gravitating to the game in procrastination, Beschastnyh and powerful, superbly master case Popov as "anchors" is indispensable. Yes and exhaust the defenders to prepare the ground for successors - better not offended by the nature of the "Turkish patrial" and ramming army is unlikely that anyone will be able.To work effectively able to attack - and, no doubt, will be many Khava team. Gusev, Khokhlov, Loskov, Pimenov, hemp, Karyaka - each to a greater extent striker than a defender. And blow most delivered well, and the acute sense of opening enough... Ready, in a word, the representatives of the "middle class" to help the forwards. The main thing is that with the selection of artists Gazzaev guessed. It is guessed because of the opportunities to assess the status of pharmaceu the coach, unfortunately, was not enough.Largely on intuition have to rely on the coach and in the appointment of forwards for the match. But at the start of the season it is inevitable. The main thing that has determined the choice of common sense and not conjuncture.Yuri IVANOV.

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