Ruslan Pimenov dreams of victory at the San Siro

Ruslan Pimenov dreams of victory at the San SiroToday the players of the Moscow "Locomotive" open Russian football season away leg of the Champions League against Milan.For Costa the main competitor - "real"Opponent of the champion of Russia now has a commanding lead in group "C" in the second phase of the League. However, despite this, in recent days the focus of the Italians was focused, of course, at yesterday's supermatch in Barcelona, where the hosts took countrymen from the Milanese "inter".However, today all indifferent to football people in the Apennines wonder definitively whether Milan managed to overcome a local crisis, as manifested in several faded matches in League and Cup. In the last match of Serie a red and black gave a very entertaining game, which was enough, however, only to snatch a draw at their stadium the players, "Lazio". And now at the San Siro owners will be meeting with the railway officials, who in December made of perhaps the most sensational result of the second group stage of the 2002/03 UEFA Champions League, played a draw in Madrid.By the way, the players of "Milan" do not flatter your now a strong position in the UEFA Euro tournament. For example, one of the brightest stars of the Italian team, Rui Costa said ahead of today's match that, in his opinion, the main favorite in the group is still "real", while the closing table. The draw of "Locomotive" in Madrid, from the point of view of the Portuguese midfielder, is evidence that any of the four clubs United by the letter "C" is capable of much.Handball as a means of podgotovitelnyy Russia on Monday, having spent most of the day moving from Cocco in Milan, not trained. So on the eve of Tuesday's game they are already the morning had a fairly intense exercise. However, the soccer ball exercises this workout railwaymen are not included. Fortunately, the mentors of the team had a good opportunity to diversify the final stage of preparation for the match.The fact is that in the neighbourhood of the hotel which housed the red-green, is a great sports complex on the territory of which there are tennis courts, and a variety of pitches for team games. So after Jogging and warm-up the players of Lokomotiv excitedly began to play handball - changing areas of work, as you know, often brings emotional discharge. And it is not surprising that railway workers yesterday were in a good mood.? I believe we have prepared well for the season ? said yesterday in our conversation forward "Locomotive" Ruslan Pimenov. - Of course, to participate in official games in February, a Russian side highly unusual. But our preparation was adjusted so that we quickly get in shape. So we can hardly complain about the difficulties - you need to play. In the end, because many experts and fans certainly did not expect that in December we will achieve a positive result in the match with real Madrid.? In the last test match you out on the field in the starting lineup. I feel that booked their place in it?? No. Competition in the attack is quite sharp. So the place I probably will have to defend throughout the season.? What, if not a secret dream on the eve of game with "Milan"?? About personal successes haven't thought yet. The victory at San Siro, ? what could be more seductive?!Michael Shpenkov.

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