Yesterday Roma President Franco Sensi has held a meeting with journalists

Yesterday Roma President Franco Sensi has held a meeting with journalists"First of all, Capello remains, because I believe in him and consider him one of the best coaches in the world. After losing to Valencia and we had a conversation during which we discussed the most important and difficult questions. I like what don Fabio, despite tempting offers from other clubs, which promise him millions, wants to stay in Rome and continue working with the team. He intends to overcome the crisis that is now upon us, regardless of how much time and effort it will take. Many journalists had written about the fact that Capello had an uneasy relationship, and largely because of this, the microclimate in the team is not quite good. Let me just say that it is not so: I respect our coach, considered his words and trying to satisfy all his needs. Of course, this does not always work, however we always try to find a compromise, to work on the development team was the most effective."""Our main disagreement concerned the issue of enhancing the "Roma". Unfortunately, the club was not at the right time sufficient cash to meet the demands of bosses, and we were asked to sell us players of their teams. We are talking about Cannavaro and several very talented players. Now we plan to buy Legrottaglie and Adriano. If the Brazilian will not be able to move to Rome, we will try to get forward "Ajax" Ibrahimovic."""The other day I met with the team and I can say that our failures are not the result of negligence or incompetence. The guys are trying hard, but we are just unlucky. Judges, injury and Frank "'t our lucky day" - reasons for our disappointing season. You should see how going through Pelizzoli. His mistake cost us 3 points in the Champions League, but no one accuses: psychological stress is now so great that it can break in a second. Yes and remember his game against Lazio, when he saved us from a few loyal heads! Each are failures , so you should not hang a dog on one person"."I'm worried about the psychological state of Francesco Totti. Permanent injuries for a long time knocked him down and Cesky, frankly, have lost faith in their strength. He can never recover, to show his usual game he has not yet obtained, which is not surprising, but fans and press customize it, forced to carry the whole team, criticized for the smallest mistakes. This greatly affects him and affects his performances!"."Overall, I am already thinking about next season. It would be great to win the Italian Cup, but this is not our main task. Now we need to focus and try to re-find his game. Do not let that occur in one second, but to aspire to this is. The very next season by inviting new players we will try to revive our team!"..

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