Bush may cancel the Eurofootball

Bush may cancel the EurofootballBeginning Thursday, the fighting in Iraq threatened to disrupt the schedule of international football matches. Severoirlandtsev already refuse to fly in Yerevan, and the French sought a postponement of the match with Israel.Utterly hackneyed phrase that "sport is outside politics", has long been not taken seriously. The political situation in the world often corrects the international sports calendar. We started on Thursday hostilities in the Persian Gulf.The Union of European football associations (UEFA) had not planned to revise the plan of competitions held under its auspices. Thursday, March 20, to be held the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup, and on March 29 next - the qualifying games of the European championship of 2004. However, even before the outbreak of hostilities in Iraq, the schedule was questioned.Thus, the management of the Italian club Lazio have expressed doubt whether a trip their players for the UEFA Cup match in Istanbul. Thursday Lazio was supposed to meet with Besiktas, but war not a little frightened Italians. Turkey, as you know, has decided to provide military bases for the us military, automatically entered the group of countries which may threaten terrorist acts.The Italian foreign Ministry two weeks ago warned of Italian citizens about the undesirability of long flights due to the deterioration of the Iraqi crisis.As a consequence, a famous football coach Dino Zoff was unable to fly to Moscow to oversee the coaching debut of his apprentice Sergey Aleynikov in the championship of Russia in "a torpedo-the Metallurgist". Zoff refused to go in white stone before the beginning of the active phase of military operations. Lazio also have to play in Istanbul, steps from the theater already begun hostilities.The head of the football Federation of Turkey Haluk Ulusoy hastened to assure the football community: "We have put the League on notice that the players and team officials, "Lazio" there is no danger in Istanbul is not threatened". However, despite assurances from Ulusoy, the fate of the game remains unclear.The Italians are by no means alone in his desire to abandon the airplane at the time of the war in Iraq. On Tuesday the football Federation of Armenia received an official letter from Northern Ireland, where it was reported that in case of war severoirlandtsev will not fly in Yerevan for the qualifying match against Armenia. War, as you know, began, and until March 29, the date of the game is hardly over. The same notification severoirlandtsev and sent to UEFA. In the management of European football insist that the game took place in Yerevan at a pre-scheduled, but if the epidemic is "bounce from flights" will take on a mass character, UEFA would be extremely difficult to maintain control of the situation.The first signs that the demarche severoirlandtsev will be supported by other European football associations, already have. For example, the French said about the undesirability of the game with the Israeli team on 2 April. This meeting should take place on a neutral field in Palermo Italian, geographically remote from the theater of war. But the Israelis, which the government has provided very effective support for the American position on Iraq, also fall into the "risk group", and current Champions of Europe are not eager to get into this dangerous orbit.As for the Russian team, the RFU has not yet attempted to cancel the trip to Albania in the next qualifying match of the European championship.As scheduled, on March 24, the team will fly to Ancona in Italy, which will prepare for the game with the Albanians. However, further steps of the RFU (and other European federations) can depend on how will the events develop around Iraq in the coming days.Interestingly, the leadership of world football, unlike UEFA, appreciated the potential danger of holding competitions during the war. FIFA has already postponed indefinitely the youth world Cup, which was to begin on March 25. However, this tournament should be held in the United Arab Emirates, in the vicinity of the war zone. The new date of the tournament is not yet known..

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