Romaszewski Spartak defeated again

Romaszewski Spartak defeated againJust Spartak Moscow completed another friendly game at the training camp in Turkey. With the score 0:3 the team of Oleg Romantseva lost to Korean LG, for which a complete match has been 43-year-old Russian goalkeeper Valeri Sarychev. Gate "Spartaka" the whole match was defended by the Moroccan goalkeeper Abdelilah Bugs. But to blame him for the defeat is not worth it. Very poorly acted in defense of the red-white led Libero Sheshukova. The first goal red-white missed from the penalty spot in the 37th minute. The second goal was scored in the 58th minute - Bugs eliminated the one-on-one, but the Koreans struck the ball into the net. The third goal was scored in the 67th minute with a close-range header..

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