Spartak will play without fans

Spartak will play without fansThe return match 1 / 8 finals of the Premier League "Spartak" - "Saturn" will be held April 2, behind closed doors at the training base of Muscovites in Tarasovka, at 16.00, the official website of the "red-white". The situation with carrying out of this match the original was confusing and complicated by the fact that the club President went abroad on a business trip. None of the capital's largest stadium, for one reason or another, could not make this meeting.Then "Spartak" has turned its gaze to the young stedionica, but could not find one, the field is allowed to play teams at this level. After that went to the relevant football authorities with a proposal to hold the match in Tarasovka, where the lawn is by far the best in Moscow. Not having obtained the necessary permission, the club had no choice as to resort to the stadium with an artificial field. The "Spartak" stadium named after Igor Netto was not approved from the point of view of safety and the choice fell on the stadium "Trud". However, this option would not suit "Spartacus" or "Saturn". The fact that on March 29 and April 6 teams play in the national championship on natural fields. And jumps from a natural lawn to synthetic and back more susceptible to injury. Plus in the ranks of both teams have players who suffered serious operations, in particular Spartak Titov and Vashchuk. Not to play on artificial turf. And in the cases of the match at the stadium "Trud", they would have had to watch him from the side. On the morning of 28 March, it's still a resolution on holding the match in Tarasovka. Given that the base is not equipped with seats and are not suited for the big gathering of people, the match will take place behind closed doors..

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