Liverpool - Celtic. Match report

Liverpool - Celtic. Match reportWhen they say that Liverpool this season is unfortunate, it is not for nothing that they say. On the other hand, when they say that stability is a sign of class, this does not suggest that team during the season to have downturns. But when this recession is delayed too, we have to think about the class. And then the question arises: can there be someone who would claim that Owen and company suffer from a lack of class?In response to the quarter finals of the UEFA Cup at Anfield agreed eponymous team from Liverpool and the Scottish "Celtic". The result of the first match between these teams was encouraging, first of all, the fans of the English team. But if you remember about the Scottish mentality, you would probably come to the conclusion about the validity of hasty judgments...Immediately after the starting whistle, the guests rushed forward and hugged the Liverpool to their goal. But in the 4th minute, gave warning of a Michael Owen that made Malibu fouls on themselves, for which the Scottish team player received a yellow card. Was active throughout the match John Hartson, and then opened and offered himself to the partners. Somewhere in the 5th minute of the match went mutual attacks that do not bring, however, dividends neither of the team. Players "Celtic" tried in the first place, to play on Henrik Larsson, but the Swedish striker took under strict custody, and it was very difficult to get rid of it.At the 13th minute Alan Thompson found the pass of Balde, but the headbutt was a miss last. On 15-Oh to minute after a corner the ball fell to Hamann, but his strong shot was not precise. A minute later Neil Lennon from outside the penalty area, gathered the ball but his header is off. Henrik Larsson on 18-Oh to minute was able to escape from custody and dangerous to threaten the goal, but the linesman had flagged for offside. On 20-Oh to minute Jimi Traore fouls Petrovo, for which the referee awarded a penalty. The ball went Larsson and his twisted kicks forced Dudek to put all their skills. On the same minute, the Scots regained the right to a free and shed Lambert responded Hartson, but could not get an accurate shot on goal. Well, on the 22nd minute already Liverpool was right on the corner. On long cross responded to Steven Gerrard, but his shot Douglas retorted. I must say that the game was played at a very high pace and, finally, 45-min was born on the 1st goal. He was held as a result a penalty kick made by Thompson. Dudek was powerless to do anything.In the second half, Gerard Houllier's charges immediately rushed to recoup. But Celtic are very well organized to defend themselves, not allowing the British to break their goalkeeper. The Scots have relied on quick counter-attacks and not lost. In one of them in the 81st minute John Hartson, perfectly interacting with Larsson, doubled the score, removing essentially all the questions..

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