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Viktor Gusev. Isn't it better to play in the style of Loco, that is reckless and crazy?

Viktor Gusev. Isn't it better to play in the style of Loco, that is reckless and crazy?Now I'm really looking forward to the return match in Cherkizovo. No, not for statistical victory of "Locomotive" in the sum of two meetings. Know the formula of the Champions League and I understand that the minimum away defeat, alas, no better than a crushing defeat - lost to the same three points, and they will never come back.Waiting for next Tuesday and not because of expectations that the Russian frost (here with short sleeves not run!) thermophilic Rivaldo and company will have more complicated than in the greenhouse, by our standards, the terms "San Siro".Waiting for the Moscow match, because I want to see another "locomotive". Even if passed in the end more than in Milan. Yeah don't mind me gorgeous, just gorgeous Ovchinnikov.Whether I was getting used to gazzaevskim 4:2, when we play an opponent, but we play? Or Semin gave reason for hope daring escapades in Istanbul and Madrid? But I want a dashing, almost reckless game. I want the game, pardon the pun, in the style of "Loco", which in Spanish means "crazy, crazy". In this game, contrary to the known thesis not order, but the mood has class. And attitude to win. Regardless of the complexities of the offseason, hostility, stands, power and international prestige of the opponent.On Wednesday in Italy, we tried to play with Italians in Italian. Like, sometimes unsuccessfully, to oppose the same to the great AC Milan all his rivals on the domestic championship. Of course, we lost. Simply because in Italian we a priori are playing worse than the Italians. And perhaps also because, when formed in the second half scheme with six defenders and three Midfielders only thrown in the lurch striker had to be at least a genius of dribble and kick. If we really from him waiting for something, and don't keep the poor guy in front of so my conscience is clear.However, in defense Pimenova, who fought to exhaustion, like the whole team, I would say that Maradona here is unlikely to help. Because in order to do something with the ball, it must first obtain. And connected to the attack on the flanks Obradovic and Lekhetho or in the center Maminov because of the near absence of at least one partner had to think not so much about acute continuation much about how not to become one of the originators... the counterattack. Perhaps because of this even always dangerous long shots of the same Maminov or Loskov this time seemed no more than an attempt in a desperate situation as painlessly as possible get rid of the ball.Even the forwards seemed too afraid to move away from his own goal. Here Buznikin instead to enter the penalty area and try to beat Nesta, not the most comfortable position slightly gets in the hands of the goalkeeper. Here the Italians are extremely awkward lift the ball over his goalie, but they also quietly extinguish this candle - our remain aloof from what is happening. But play was possible! Constant and repetitive transitions top in our penalty area, which in the end probably wiped out in the blood head excellent Pashinin, did not look formidable weapon. And with Rivaldo, Inzaghi, this time not appeared in the familiar role of the nobles of the ball. But here once again popping up from behind the goal with this flying past the ball Ovchinnikov... and freezes in confusion - give something no one. Seven men on the line of the penalty area. Losing 0:1, but how difficult is it to rebuild, to start to build, when it more than an hour just destroyed, Yes destroyed.And catch yourself thinking, but you never know - maybe contrary to the standard concerns it's a good idea to skip this most odious quick goal. And the whole game is yet to come, and have the time to early, not ten minutes before the end, to throw in the same mysterious parks. And to change tactics. After all, even if you think only about the worst, what's the difference - 0:1 or 0:2 or 0:3... However, I think I already went in a circle.My colleague Georgy Cherdantsev, commenting on the match on NTV, said all right, "Kept his dignity... have Reduced the risk to a minimum".Only now even more eager to Tuesday took a chance. To the maximum..

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