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The Paraguayan Cardozo brings the team the title of champion and record holder

The Paraguayan Cardozo brings the team the title of champion and record holderThe Paraguayan Jose Cardozo, who plays for Mexican football club "Toluca", set a world record for number of goals scored per season goals. In the final match of the championship Mexico football he scored his fiftieth goal, improving, thus, the achievement of the Bolivian Joaquin Botero, who in the domestic League has become this year the author of 49 goals.And the more valuable efficient shot 32-year-old Paraguayan striker, considering that it brought victory in the championship of the Mexican club Toluca". Losing with a minimum score of team Morelia in the first field the final match, "Toluca" to win in regulation time response of the meeting was necessary to obtain an advantage at least two goals. After a quick goal, the fans, "Toluca" crestfallen. But the hosts managed to gather, and twice hit the gate "Morelia", which, however, did not guarantee them the title of the strongest club of the country in 2002. It was then, at 51 minute of the final game, Jose Cardoso, receiving a pass in the center of the penalty area of the opponent, gentle rolling the ball scored his fiftieth goal for the season, not only setting a world record, but also bringing his team to the title. By the way, after that, Paraguayan footballer became the author of touchdown passes, bringing the final score to devastating 4:1 in favor of the home team.The world record holder, for the third time became the best scorer of the championship of Mexico in football, commented on his achievement as follows: "goals are scored as a result of hard work, and thanks to the teammates. I'm happy."".

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