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Khokhlov wants to stay in Spain

Khokhlov wants to stay in SpainRussian national team midfielder and the Spanish "real Sociedad" Dmitry Khokhlov at the expiration of his contract with the club, which expires in the summer, you may change your team. However, while speaking with leadership in football, currently in the national team of Russia."I got used to Spain. And I would like to stay in San Sebastian, or go to any other Spanish club, - said Dmitry Khokhlov in interview to the program "Vesti-Sport". - No desire to change the way of life and move to Italy or England no. Besides, I think not only about themselves but also about children. Enough to torment them. Читать полностью -->

Alan Shearer will certainly be out on the field

Alan Shearer will certainly be out on the fieldCaptain English "Newcastle" Alan Shearer will take the field in the Champions League match against Bayer Leverkusen on Wednesday and hopes that he will finally be able to score in this prestigious tournament.For all his brilliant career Shearer has never managed to score a goal in the Champions League in a game situation. He only punched twice from the penalty spot - the first time for the "Blackburn", and the second with Newcastle at the gates of Kiev "Dynamo".Recall that the attacker missed the December match of the Champions League, when his team lost to Barcelona 3-1, and the first game against Bayer for the elbow hit Fabio Cannavaro from inter in the first round of the second group stage of the Champions League.Now that the period of Ineligibility has expired, Shearer spoiling for a fight."Would be great to score in the Champions League", he said in an interview with reporters."But what really drives me and another desire - to reach the next stage. Of course, I was sorry to miss two games but I watched the scene on TV and take notes for themselves," he said.Great shape, which now resides Newcastle, helped the team to take third place in the Premier League."I really like to be a Newcastle captain, but we must not be content with what they have. We need to strive for more. Now we play in the Champions League, occupy a decent place in the national championship - and God forbid that it all lasted as long as possible" - signed Shearer.. . Читать полностью -->

Mini. The Championship Of Russia

Mini. The Championship Of Russia"Spartak" (Moscow) - IFC-Saratov (Saratov, Russia) - 7:2 (3:1)goals: Gorin, 2. The Khamidulin, 2, 23. Skillful, 9. Grigoriev, 29, 31. Ions, 38 - Anisov 15. Читать полностью -->

The UEFA Champions League. Borussia sends the locomotive in the knockout

The UEFA Champions League. Borussia sends the locomotive in the knockout1:0 Frings, 39; 2:0 Koller, 58; 3:0 Amoroso, 66 0:1 Jimenez, 14; 1:1 Neville, 53 1:0 Raul, 12; 2:0 Raul, 57; 2:1 Rivaldo, 81; 3:1 Guti, 86 1:0 Ferrara, 12; 1:1 Tristan, 34; 1:2 Mackay, 52; 2:2 Trezeguet, 63; 3:2 Tudor, 90. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Regina could not get the young real Madrid striker Javier Portillo

Regina could not get the young real Madrid striker Javier PortilloThe club wanted to take the player on loan until the end of the season. However, the President "real" Florentino Perez on Christmas eve stated that Portillo will remain at the club, despite several proposals on the rent received from "Regina", "real Valladolid" and "Benfica".. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Russia: Money play

Russia: Money playDecember became the Russian football clubs a month of changes. Changed names, owners, sponsors, coaches and players. B talks about the most notable events in the Russian football that happened in the offseason.Ten owners Immediately after the completion of the championship of Russia on football company Norilsk Nickel has announced the acquisition of the poorest teams of the Russian Premier League - torpedo-ZIL". Rather, the word "ZIL" will be preseason replaced by "Nickel". Question about moving the team from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk rose, but at the moment it is clear that at least until the end of the first round of next season unprecedented for the Russian football move doesn't happen."Torpedo-ZIL", according to our calculations, became the ninth team in the Premier League, which for the last two years have changed ownership or the General sponsor. The tenth was "Chernomorets", although revolutionary changes with it you will not name. Читать полностью -->

Gerrard faces disqualification

Gerrard faces disqualificationThe English player of Liverpool Steven Gerrard may be fined or disqualified for jumping with both feet on the opponent. This was reported by the English football Association (AFA).In the Premier League match between Liverpool and Everton, which took place the other day, Liverpool midfielder jumped with both feet on his opponent Gary Naysmith. This incident was repeatedly shown on local television, however, was missed by the chief judge of the match Paul Graham.According to representatives of the AFA, in the near future they will have to consider this episode with the help of video replay. In that case, if the English football Association finds Gerrard guilty, he faces fines or disqualification for a few matches. Gerrard, in turn, noted that his act was not premeditated.. . Читать полностью -->

A flu epidemic among the players of Juventus continues

A flu epidemic among the players of Juventus continuesLast diseased players were Edgar Davids and Salvatore Frezy. At training on Friday were two of only 11 players, and Marcello Lippi is likely to experience serious problems with the squad for the match against Como.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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