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The Championship Of Russia. The champion won in Elista

The Championship Of Russia. The champion won in Elista1:0 Katulsky, 17; 1:1 Rogachev, 39 pins.; 2:1 head 62 1:0 Tihonov, 44; 2:Tikhonov 0, 61 pins.; 3:0 Kudryashov, 77 1:0 Tsiklauri, 22; 1:1 Sirhaev, 25; 1:2 Loskov, 59 pins. 0:1 Maslov,45. . . . Читать полностью -->

AndrГ© Sousa: Romantsev encouraged me

AndrГ© Sousa: Romantsev encouraged meOleg Romantsev has decided to throw in the 21-year-old Brazilian Andre Souza after a few workouts in the "Spartacus". And although the fight was not the hottest one is too big was the superiority of Muscovites in a class above the players from Liepaja, game Latino impressed head coach of the red-white in his own words, a good impression. Interview with andrГ© Souza. . . . Читать полностью -->

Giovanni Trapattoni will lead the club is the successor to Fiorentina Florence-viola

Giovanni Trapattoni will lead the club is the successor to Fiorentina Florence-violaThis will happen once she gets back on the professional level (series). It would need a minimum of two seasons. The only condition Trapattoni is the expulsion from the club of those figures, which he was forced to leave the coaching post in the "Fiorentina".. . . . Читать полностью -->

Offseason. Premier League

Offseason. Premier League"Shinnik" this morning I have a training camp in Holland, where they will stay until March 7. The delegation included 19 players: goalkeepers Safonov, Novokshenov; defenders Fuzaylov, Daev, Fats, Shevchuk, Vasiliev, Dubinsky, Radosavljevic; Midfielders Kucharz, kulichi, Grishin, Klyuev, Skokov, Kechinov, Khomukha; forwards Losev, Berko, Karpenko. In the land of tulips to the team, apparently, will be joined by the Macedonian Popov, the question which remains open. In addition, during the training camp in camp "Shinnik" is due to arrive for another three foreigners - two forwards and a goalkeeper from Bulgaria, who plays for one of the Polish clubs. Some of these players, according to head coach Alexander Pobedilovo, 'll probably get into the squad for the season 2003. Читать полностью -->

Compliments Titova Moroccan goalkeeper has earned

Compliments Titova Moroccan goalkeeper has earnedRoseandelie Beginrecording 1 January 1978 in the Moroccan city of Fairy.I have played in the MAC (the Fairy), which now occupies the 4th place in the championship Morocco. For the national team played 6 matches. Was in the application of the Moroccan team at the 2000 Olympics in Australia and on the African Cup-2002.Considering the peak the goalkeeping situation prevailing in "Spartacus" at the finish of the offseason, by the assistance of Allah and his slaves, probably, not the trail. But seriously, we can say that the first recognition in Russia to Abdelilah Bugs already come. The captain "Spartaka" Egor Titov, for example, believes that the North African - the strongest goalkeeper of all who have visited for the last time in the club on the bride. Seems like the Bugs and the coaches, so, most likely, he will occupy at the start of the upcoming season of the number one position at the gate nine-time Champions of Russia.This brown skinned and skinny Moroccan indeed a godly man. Читать полностью -->

Nigeria will not get the world Cup 2010

Nigeria will not get the world Cup 2010FIFA President Sepp Blatter has stated that Nigeria has no chance to host the FIFA world Cup 2010. This country is trying to submit a joint bid of four countries - Cameroon, Ghana, Benin and Togo. However, Blatter this idea is not liked. "Nigerians can forget about it," said the FIFA President. "Such a massive project exists only on paper, whereas other countries have already done a lot for translating your application to life. Add that to the world Cup, which according to the principle of rotation will be held in Africa, also claimed by Egypt, Libya, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia, reports AP.. Читать полностью -->

Herman Tkachenko: Fifth Samara have not satisfied

Herman Tkachenko: Fifth Samara have not satisfiedThe President of "Krylia Sovetov" Herman Tkachenko believes that in the new season at his club have every chance to step on the tournament ladder to one or several of the steps above.- Change for the year financial position of the club?- Did not change significantly. A little more expenditure, but I hope to tighten and income. The club budget is now about $ 12 million. This is enough to solve serious problems in the championship.- What made last winter to strengthen the material-technical base of the club?- Reconstruction of the administrative building at the team's base in Samara in may be completely ready and recreation complex. In addition, at the end of last year, the provincial government made the final decision to build a new stadium for the "Wings of the Soviets".- What task puts the club before the team for the upcoming season?- Formally, it will be announced after March 10, when the team returns from training camp in Hungary. Tentatively I can say that we will try to win the Russian Cup and to play in the national championship is much more successful than last year. Читать полностью -->

Bergkamp was fined

Bergkamp was finedThe striker, Arsenal's Dennis Bergkamp was fined ВЈ 5000 ($8000) and strictly warned for being rude to the Swedish defender, "Blackburn" Nils-Eric Johansson. During the review of the incident, the disciplinary Committee came to the video replay, which clearly show the brutal foul from the Dutchman, who stepped on lying player.Note that Bergkamp, who played 18 games and scored two goals this season, quite easily "got off". Originally Berhanu was threatened with disqualification for three matches. The next three meetings of the "Gunners" will play against "the important block" (December 21), against the "West Brom" (26 December) and Liverpool (December 29).. . . Читать полностью -->

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