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Francesco Guidolin is very concerned about the lack of Vieri in the composition of the inter

Francesco Guidolin is very concerned about the lack of Vieri in the composition of the interToday will be another match of the championship Italy between Bologna and inter. In that position, which is "inter", any choice made by the team coach Hector Cooper, may entail a lot of criticism. The Cooper decision not to include in the main squad's top scorer of Italy's Christian Vieri for the match with Bologna FC, which may affect the future of inter in the League, of course, could not leave anyone indifferent. However, the coach nerrazzuri" insisted, saying that Vieri needed rest, as it is the only striker that will have him available for the Champions League match with Newcastle. Such a statement, Cooper immediately nipped in the Bud all the talk on this theme. "In Turin we lost an important match for us, but we cannot stop when halfway already passed. Читать полностью -->

West ham is interested in the services of Ayegbeni

West ham is interested in the services of AyegbeniNigerian striker Haifa "Maccabi" Ayegbeni Yakubu is extremely interested in London West ham. Things this team now are frankly bad, she closes the table of the Premier League and needs effective striker. Ayegbeni of those who could help, "West ham", but not yet resolved financial matters.Now everything depends on the President of the Haifa "Maccabi" ya'akov Shahar, who is the owner of the transfer sheet Yakubu. Shahar is willing to sell Nigerian striker for 8 million dollars. However, for West ham and now this money can not afford. At least, their representatives say. Читать полностью -->

Friendly match in Madrid. The stars broke the world

Friendly match in Madrid. The stars broke the world0:1 Klose, 30; 0:2 Kaka, 43; 0:3 Cisse, 49; 1:3 Solari, 62 pins.; 2:3 The Thoth, 66; 3:3 Cambiasso, 87. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Saturn REN TV went to Holland

Saturn REN TV went to HollandSaturn-REN TV" flew to the final Assembly. As in the previous year, the team will stop in Ermelo. In the land of tulips went the same 25 players that were in Belek: goalkeepers Chizhov, kornuhin, Ryzhikov; defenders lesniak, Mohr jeder, Malay, Sosnowski, Jakstas, Mikadze; Midfielders pots, rebaja, Bystrov, Muratovic, Y. Amoako, Hidalgo, Bazaev, JoviД‡, ldic, Zhitnikov, Shestakov; forwards Rogachev, p., da Silva, Medvedev. In the Netherlands the team of Vitaliy Shevchenko will play against club Brugge (March 5), "ruby" (March 8) and "Ajax" (March 11). March 12, "Saturn-REN TV" will return to Russia, and the next day will be a team meeting with Moscow region Governor Boris Gromov. Читать полностью -->

The decision of the UEFA Besiktas defender Zago suspended for two matches

The decision of the UEFA Besiktas defender Zago suspended for two matchesHe will miss both meetings of the Istanbul club in the 1/4 finals of the UEFA Cup.This decision is a reaction to the actions of the Brazilian in the match 1/8 finals against Prague Slavia. Then Zago was sent off 6 minutes before the final whistle for a deliberate foul player "Slavia" by Karel Pitaka.Although the replay showed that Zago not touched Pitaka, UEFA has described his actions as very dangerous. In addition, attention was adopted from previous similar episode involving Zago. In the 2000/01 season, while still a player of as Roma, he was suspended for spitting at an opponent.The appeal of the Brazilian defender can submit until midnight Monday 3 March. Yesterday Besiktas in Istanbul beat "Slavia" - 4:2 and reached the 1/4 finals of the UEFA Cup, where they will face the winner of the "Vistula" - "Lazio".. . Читать полностью -->

Barcelona wants to take away Madrid Prodigy

Barcelona wants to take away Madrid ProdigySpanish "Barcelona" wants to buy a striker of real Madrid's Javier Portillo. She has already contacted the player having also watched by AC Milan and Newcastle.Rumours that the striker could leave real Madrid gave rise to the Spanish press. However, the agent Portillo Erminio Menendez said that the player is "not interested in the" from "Royal club". Confirming the availability of the offer from Barca. He noted that it had already been rejected, reports However, the possibility of transition of young talent on the other team remains in the "Real" Raul and Ronaldo had not so many chances to cement.. Читать полностью -->

Capello: so Totti we have nothing to fear

Capello: so Totti we have nothing to fearIn the upcoming Serie a match against as Roma", "Roma" will have to prove that it is not accidentally won, but rather defeated Valencia. Agree with this and the head coach of the capital team, Fabio Capello: "I want to see in the performance of my players in this game, and as at Mestalla. To see the players wanting to win, collected and confident. From the first minute on the field can reach Kufra, Delvecchio in addition to injury, the flu, and Montella, though, and he trained yesterday with the rest of us not yet ready physically."""Francesco is the whole "Roma". In addition to his regular duties, he manages to score beautiful goals, so it is doubly important to our team. I like Cassano's future, but Totti is still a lot to learn".. Читать полностью -->

El Hadj Diouf allows boorish trick

El Hadj Diouf allows boorish trickSenegalese footballer Liverpool's El Hadj Diouf is likely to be punished severely for their trick in the quarter finals of the UEFA Cup against Celtic, which ended with the score 1-1.Both teams and fans of teams always had a fairly friendly relationship. Five minutes before the end of the game, Diouf came close to the podium Scottish fans, and one of the fans, clearly without equivocation, friendly patted forward on the head. It is not clear that he had found on a player with Liverpool, but he turned and spat in the direction of fans.Immediately Diouf was showered with shouts of indignation. To avoid further inflame passions, the Liverpool FC Manager Houllier was replaced by a Senegalese.It is obvious that UEFA will not leave this incident without attention.. . . Читать полностью -->

Roman Berezovsky: words Helped Prokopenko during the break

Roman Berezovsky: words Helped Prokopenko during the break- How would you rate the episode with the appointment of a penalty?- Stoev stumbled upon an elongated leg of Batak, and it's hard for me to judge whether it is punishable odinnadtsatimetrovy blow.- Your partners tried to defend a point of view in discussions with the referee. You decided not to participate in this procedure?- Guys argued. But it wouldn't have mattered. As the judge decided - so be it. So we tried to focus on the upcoming game with Elvetia.- Knew the match was over and went minute of stoppage time?- The backup plate umpire did not see, but he knew that must sound the whistle, win and lose, it would be very disappointing.- Admit it, the direction of the blow Elvetia guess?" Of course, guessing. If reversed, would have been a goal. Читать полностью -->

Real Sociedad is not going to win the championship of Spain

Real Sociedad is not going to win the championship of SpainCoach of the "real Sociedad" Rainald Denoix stated that the task of his team is not included victory in the Spanish League, despite the fact that San sebastians lead in the championship, informs planetfootball. "The main task for us is to score points and improve your game every day. And the fact that we are leading in the table, no more than a pleasant addition. We try to win each of the next opponent, and not set far-reaching goals," said the Frenchman.. . . Читать полностью -->

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