Liverpool going to sign with the Hive a new contract

Liverpool going to sign with the Hive a new contractExecutive Director of Liverpool's Rick parry said the club intends to sign a new contract with head coach Gerard Houllier despite not good situation in the club. Note that the current term of the contract, Hive expires in 2005, but Perry had hoped that the Frenchman wants to stay for a long time at the club."We hope that the Hive will stay here as long as Alex Ferguson at Manchester United". When we appointed Houllier, the Liverpool coach, we were sure that it's perfect for this post. Under his leadership, the team has had continued success," said Perry.Recall that Ferguson leads Manchester United since 1986, and the Hive became the coach of "Liverpool" in 1998, when he was dismissed Roy Evans. On Sunday, Liverpool beat 2-0 Manchester United in the League Cup final, but the Premier League team plays not so impressionable. Despite this, Perry noted that they never thought about the dismissal of the Hive."We're not panicking here. Читать полностью -->

Milan - The Locomotive. Evaluation of the FE

Milan - The Locomotive. Evaluation of the FEMELANGED to 6.0. The goalkeeper was not enough. With a few long-range shots he managed without difficulty.BROKK is 6.0. In the defense of serious mistakes were not allowed, but the connections to the attacks sinned inaccurate transmissions.NESTA is 6.5. Once again proved that he is a world class player. Читать полностью -->

Lizarazu extended his contract with Bayern

Lizarazu extended his contract with BayernDefender of Bayern Munich and the France international Bixente Lizarazu this week extended his contract with the German club for another year.The world champion and Europe, the term of the contract with Bayern which ends in June of this year, intends to end his career in this club. Initially, the leadership of the German team insisted on a contract extension for a period of two years, but, in the end, agreed with the condition of his leading defender. Recall that Lizarazu stands for the Munich club since 1997.c. . . . Читать полностью -->

Khokhlov wants to stay in Spain

Khokhlov wants to stay in SpainRussian national team midfielder and the Spanish "real Sociedad" Dmitry Khokhlov at the expiration of his contract with the club, which expires in the summer, you may change your team. However, while speaking with leadership in football, currently in the national team of Russia."I got used to Spain. And I would like to stay in San Sebastian, or go to any other Spanish club, - said Dmitry Khokhlov in interview to the program "Vesti-Sport". - No desire to change the way of life and move to Italy or England no. Besides, I think not only about themselves but also about children. Enough to torment them. Читать полностью -->

Alan Shearer will certainly be out on the field

Alan Shearer will certainly be out on the fieldCaptain English "Newcastle" Alan Shearer will take the field in the Champions League match against Bayer Leverkusen on Wednesday and hopes that he will finally be able to score in this prestigious tournament.For all his brilliant career Shearer has never managed to score a goal in the Champions League in a game situation. He only punched twice from the penalty spot - the first time for the "Blackburn", and the second with Newcastle at the gates of Kiev "Dynamo".Recall that the attacker missed the December match of the Champions League, when his team lost to Barcelona 3-1, and the first game against Bayer for the elbow hit Fabio Cannavaro from inter in the first round of the second group stage of the Champions League.Now that the period of Ineligibility has expired, Shearer spoiling for a fight."Would be great to score in the Champions League", he said in an interview with reporters."But what really drives me and another desire - to reach the next stage. Of course, I was sorry to miss two games but I watched the scene on TV and take notes for themselves," he said.Great shape, which now resides Newcastle, helped the team to take third place in the Premier League."I really like to be a Newcastle captain, but we must not be content with what they have. We need to strive for more. Now we play in the Champions League, occupy a decent place in the national championship - and God forbid that it all lasted as long as possible" - signed Shearer.. . Читать полностью -->

Mini. The Championship Of Russia

Mini. The Championship Of Russia"Spartak" (Moscow) - IFC-Saratov (Saratov, Russia) - 7:2 (3:1)goals: Gorin, 2. The Khamidulin, 2, 23. Skillful, 9. Grigoriev, 29, 31. Ions, 38 - Anisov 15. Читать полностью -->

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